“MBGN” and “Miss Nigeria”- Why Nigeria has two major beauty contests and the tensions between their organizers


Just two months ago, on September 21, 23 year old Miss Ukah  was crowned the Most Beautiful girl in Nigeria (MBGN). She is presently representing Nigeria in China for the Miss world beauty Pageant.

Most Beautiful Girl  in Nigeria (MBGN)  runners up are not left out of international pageants 

Ist runner up Lopez Aramide is presently on her way to Bangkok, Thailand to represent Nigeria at the Miss Universe 2018 beauty contest , Second runner up Danielle Jatto would represent Nigeria in the Miss Tourism beauty contest  while the  third runner  Valentina Ogbonanya would represent Nigeria at the Miss Ecowas beauty contest

So where does that live “Miss Nigeria” – Well, with nothing basically

Miss Nigeria is a separate pageant organized by DailyTimes an independent publishing firm in Nigeria

Two days ago they crowned a new queen, 25 year old Chidimma Aaron who is also a youth corper.  She would go home with 3 Million Naira Courtesy of Heritage Bank, a luxury apartment for a year and a brand new car, but unfortunately there would be no international beauty pageants and contest outside the country.

Daily Times’s “Miss Nigeria” was once upon a time the official beauty pageant of the country, they were responsible for sending the Nigerian representatives to the miss world beauty pageant. Started in 1957.

Grace Tinueke Oyelude was the first ever Miss Nigeria. But the contest was constantly plagued with corruption, low standards and not so smart ladies emerging as winners.

In 1964,  Nigerian’s queen Edna Parks embarrassed Daily Times when she  collapsed on stage after loosing out the top 15 spot. She had to spend the night in the hospital under sedatives

There were other occasions when pageant runner ups had to sponsor themselves abroad because Daily Times organizers did not make plans to send them abroad for international peagents

 Silver-bird entertainment made its entrance in the eighties,  They started out as Miss Universe Nigeria- the objective was simply to take their girls to the Miss Universe beauty pageant 

They were more organized, more glamorous, and more public. Ben Bruce leveraging his international exposure and connections was able to deliver a stellar pageant contest. At about the same time, Daily Times  publishers was sinking- subsequently they lost their rights to send ladies to the Miss World beauty pageant- Silverbird took over and re-branded to MBGN

Even though Daily times lost out from sending pageant winners abroad, they still had the official name “miss Nigeria”. which was internationally recognized. Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN) is not recognized abroad.

In 2001  after Agbani Darego won the Miss world beauty contest reigning Miss Nigeria, Amina Ekpo attempted to drag her to court. She alleged that Miss Darego  “wrongfully, falsely and fraudulently presented herself as “Miss Nigeria” at the miss world beauty  Pageant held in Sun City, South Africa.
A letter from Ekpo’s lawyers to Darego said “at no time did she consent to nor authorize the use of that title by you or anyone else in this or any other manners. the case was settled out of court.

Today the two contest exits side by side with uneasy calm, but its clear who has the upper hand

Miss Nigeria is at its best an option for those who are testing the waters, or were unsuccessful with their MBGN run.

Present Miss Nigeria 2018 Chidinma  Aaron was formerly a contestant in MBGN 2017. Miss Nigeria forms are free right now- they say its to enable more ladies sign up,  but we know the truth- The forms may not really be worth a prize tags considering the queens remain local and somewhat irrelevant.

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