Maryam Sanda was about two weeks pregnant when she allegedly killed her husband


Sahara Reporters broke the news that Maryam Sanda daughter of Abuja based billionaire Maimuna Aliyu has been delivered of a baby boy. According to their reports, a low key naming ceremony will hold today August 14, 2018, meaning the baby was born last Tuesday, August 7, 2018.”

August 7th is  about 38 weeks after she allegedly killed her husband in cold blood.
That means she was about 2 to 3 weeks pregnant when the incident occurred since a  full pregnancy cycle is about 40 weeks .A terrible temper additionally fueled by raging pregnancy hormones allegedly led her to murder her husband in the early weeks of pregnancy.

In March 2018, she was finally released on bail because she was pregnant and sick
After she was arrested and arraigned in court for allegedly killing her husband, her lawyer Joseph Daudu tried to secure a bail for  on the grounds that she was nursing a six-month-old baby girl at the time — but Yusuf Halilu, judge of a High Court in Jabi, Abuja, would have none of it, therefore, the accused was remanded at Suleja Prisons for months, her brother and her mother who were accused of tampering with evidence, were released on bail. When conditions of her pregnancy became apparent- coupled with ill health, she was finally released on bail.

She was accused of throwing a lavish first birthday party for her daughter, Aleesha while her husband’s family mourned the death of their son 

But her family responded it was simply a photo shoot organized by her maternal grandmother. According to her family , This photo-shoot happened while her mother was on bed rest. The objective was to have  something to remember her first year in this world, hence, you will not find any picture of Aleesha with anyone (not even her own mother) on that day. “

Now she has a son, I wonder how she feels- regret, pain, confusion…Her Newly born son would eventually find out the alleged  truth about his father i just wonder how- people gossiping and taunting him about it, his mother confessing, or newspaper and press clippings.

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