Madu by Kizz Daniel : We have 5 comments on the Video (watch)


1) Car door shuts…Kizz Daniel’s foots steps as he makes his way to the scene of a candle lit dinner… the quality of the production is already apparent in the first  11 seconds of the video

Its so well produced it could have been an erotic scene in a bond movie, with Beverly Osu channeling her inner bond girl moves,

Am all of those long suggestive stares and the way she was sipping her wine like it’s the first course of a really long night…. Hmmmm ( I see you)


2) very visual lyrics – it’s clearly bedroom talk… and its so easy to imagine everything he is saying

Look at me babe, call be zaddy. (Thats what people say when “the action” is going down) He also kept asking throughout the lyrics Permit me (#consent) and are you OK. ( as in hope am not hurting you).

I want to use my **** to shift your womb  (what!) Hahahahaha ( not for lonely girls)! 

3) Lyrics and video are in perfect sync

The erotic scenes are interesting,  but its the little things that brought the mood– Rain falling on the shutters, black shoes walking in the rain, wine bottle drowning in water, while they drowned in their passion , Beverly’s hands grabbing the table cloth– those are some killer shots!

4) His voice set the tone, nicely I must say:

Kizz Daniel differs from most other artist with his softer and slightly sensual voice, it was  just perfect for the Mood he was trying to create with his track MADU

5)  Watch your throne Davido /Wizkid: Kizz Daniel is coming for your crown and he has all it takes to rule naija music- The voice, the looks and the creative flair.

I have a new celebrity crush ! how can you judge me, did you not watch that video.

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