Lion king remake- The Star studded Cast and the roles they would be playing (watch trailer)


After watching the trailer, I  was so “shook” by all the big names that would feature in the movie. -who is picking up the bill again?

Disney knows the cast is a big deal, that why they highlighted the star-studded names in bold gold colors – to inform us this is no low budget movie.  Here’s how the stars would line up for the 2019 remake of the Lion King- (voice acting)

Donald Clover would play Simba
Beyonce – Nala ( Simba’s childhood friend and girlfriend)
James Earl Jones would play Mufasa
Chiwetel Ejiofior would play Scar

Billy Eichner: Plays Timon, the meerkat who introduces young Simba to a carefree life of “Hakuna Matata.

Seth Rogen: Plays Pumbaa, the warthog who befriends young Simba.

Everyone is excited,  The Lion King trailer has hit a record-breaking 224.6 Million trailer Views in 24 Hours,  and yep I am excited too – I wish understand why. We all Know Mufasa is going to die and Simba would become King after a torturous journey.

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