Lion Heart movie review – very few spoilers 

Respect All the actors-

like or hate the movie- you must respect the way the actors delivered their roles- Onyeka Owenu was exceptional, Genevieve a natural, Nkem owoh was funny without trying to hard- Genevieve assembled a stellar cast and they delivered

The South East Ibo settings-

Everything about the movie was east very igbo- perched in the backdrop of the coal city with its dusty sands and high lands.

The food, the proverbs, the outfits , the offices painted in blue walls – if you are from the east you immediately find yourself back home- heck even the background music takes you back home

The family name  is also very igbo- Obiagu meaning lion heart

Unfortunately, even though there is a translation, you have to speak Igbo to appreciate the proverbs, to relate to the insults, to laugh at some low key jibes thrown through out the movie. Most of the comedy would be missed if you don’t speak or understand Igbo

Not your typical Nigerian movie story plot-

Some said the story line was flat, I say it depends on who is watching and what  makes you tick.
There were no witches and wizards, Everyone wanted Nkem Owoh to be the terrible treacherous uncle that would want to sabotage her efforts rather he was supportive.

There were elements to the movie that created the needed tension, the anticipation required, but if you are looking out for the typical Nigerian movies – next please this movie is not for you

An true Igbo story well told

The story of a rich igbo family with a lineage of business could not have been told better- most wealthy igbo men are into transport business – Ekenedilichukwu, ABC transports, young shall grow, just to name a few., they send their kids abroad to  study, come back home and run the business

And they always listen to their first daughters(big time)…

The way igbo mothers reprimand their daughters ( I could hear my mothers voice)


Some deep meanings  and conversations in the movie could get lost ( to shallow viewers) – no shade intended

In Hamza Maikano,- the son of the rich investor, she had a conversation that would lay the groundwork for a future romance the movie may not show us in detail- they are both privileged kids, they are both working hard to impress their fathers

What else makes the movie a must watch ?

  • That ass kissing secretary that’s always in her way
  • Onyeka Onwenu and Pete Edochie, we must marvel at how they switch from hard core Igbo to the queen’s English
  • Why was Genevive constantly wearing green?
  • Zebrudaya was there- spot hin among the board members
  • The ultimate Villian well played by Kanayo o Kanayo
  • Movie is a strong feminist statement- a woman can run her own organization


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