Linda Ikeji could already be secretly married in court (Follow the rumour trail to our conclusion)

So lets gossip about Linda – just like Linda.

She posted a question on her blog asking if it was OK for a married man to move into his wife’s house. According to her, it was a twitter debate she just wanted to hear her readers comments

Well Nigerians where not having it, they just assumed she was referring to her story, probably her husband was going to move into her Banana Island residence.

The subject of Linda Ikeji’s relationship status has given the Media and Nigerians a talking point for years. She has experienced the outright haters: with all this money you still can’t find a man and prayers as well your time will come. But the hate seems to dominate the news, In fact when she bought her Banana Island mansion, go and marry trended on twitter for half a day.

Its not surprising that when the man finally showed up, Linda kept both fans and haters in the dark  about whats really going on with her love life. But we can follow the rumor trail to find some clues

September 2016  at 36 years old – Linda uploads an inspiration video to her YouTube channel (LITV) to encourage dreamers who struggle. She also mentions her desire to find a husband and start having regular sex

Dec 2016 :She uploads another video on her YouTube channel, this time its a message to young girls.  She inspires them to work hard rather than sleep with men for money. She used that as a platform to talk about her ongoing I would rather be self made conference.

According to her, no matter how hungry she was, it never crossed her mind to sleep with a man for money. She says rather than depending  on these men for money and dishonoring your body, use your head, work hard, be brave

January 2017: ” My ideal man is  someone I can look up to, someone I can draw from, someone I can learn from. A man who supports what I do, not a man who  tries to stifle me, because I cannot be stifled that would be a problem”

She said this during the Launch of Linda Ikeji social

January 2018:  The first engagement rumors surfaced that Linda Ikeji had gotten engaged. The news was first shared by @9jaflaver  who posted a photo of her ring on Instagram congratulating her. she quickly denied it saying that her ring finger is still bare

March 2018: Another rumor  broke out that she was getting married, one of her sisters wrote a post that fueled the suspicion. There were a lot of speculations on who her husband might be- some say it was an old flame that traveled abroad. He returned to Nigeria and they reconnected
“Congratulations @officiallindaikeji So happy for you sweet sis! This tells me that sometimes the wait is worth it. Can’t wait to plan your special day!@ eventsbysi are you readyyyyyy? #it’sagetaway.”

20th may 2018 : Linda Ikeji breaks the news that she is pregnant. the backlash is swift- twitter users accuse her of being a hypocrite. she told other women to be celibate but she has been getting some action (but we can twist stories though, she said dont sleep with a man for money, that does not mean she cant get some if she is in love)

21st May – I want it all Linda Ikeji confirms she is getting married. A response to  Charly boy after he congratulated her for ditching the marriage option to focus on having a baby

Lets analyse all of this :

There was a secret engagement in January,  there is no smoke without fire. where did 9ja flavor get his gist from- he sounds like he knows her very well.

The baby also happened in early in January ( she is almost at the end of her second trimester)

Its is either she the baby inspired the engagement or the engagement inspired the baby. she specifically said i want it all, baby, husband and all.

The mystery man is obviously really successful. she has said repeatedly she wants a man she would look up to, a man that has his own. He definitely has his own place, her parents live in her house so i dont see them getting busy with her parents under the same roof ( that would be weird)

Her parents live with her- and obviously influence her decisions. its possible the man done some of the traditional rites quietly, they may even insist she does her court wedding before the baby comes.

So what do you think- comments down below

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