Ladies,Chris Attoh is such a fine man, but would you accept his baggage- Lets open it!

He is a Ghanaian actor, on-air personality, television presenter and producer Ladies & gents please meet “The body” of west Africa.

Chris Attoh is best known as “Kwame Mensah” in Nigerian soap opera Tinsel. of course the ladies were drooling, but it was his co-star in Tinsel Damilola Adegbite that won his heart. They dated and even had a son together

On Valentine’s day February 14th 2015, Damilola Adegbite and Chris Attoh made it official – They got married in Accra Ghana.

He always treats me like I am very special, he is so gentle, warm for me he is closest to the perfect gentleman

Damilola Adegbite

Fast forward two years later all that sweet talk came to an end, Chris Attoh deleted all her photos from his Instagram timeline, he also wasted no time,in telling the press that they were officially divorced.

Damilola sweet messages gave way to Cryptic Instagram posts suggesting he was an emotional abuser, a cheat, not man enough – and so many other subtle allegations

Rumor Mill also filtered in that he was a dead beat husband not available at home and not dropping money.

He however insisted that he never cheated on his wife as people alleged, but didn’t state the reason for their breakup. but occasionally Damilola fire some veiled shots that point to the reason for the separation. recently she stated that her next husband had better be saving money because his list would be long.

10 months later, Chris Attoh remarried

Chris Attoh married a lady named Bettie Jenifer four years older than him at a ceremony in Accra October 2018. recently released reports suggest that the woman had a husband with two girls (twins) as at the time of the wedding but possibly hid it from him.

7 months later, Chris Attoh deletes all photos of his new wife on Instagram ( May 4th) few days later….she is shot dead

According to reports, his new wife Bettie had left the office in the 6300 block of Ivy Lane and was walking to her car when a man armed with a handgun approached her. When she tried to run away, the man followed her and fired at her multiple times, with at least one shot hitting her.

Even though Chris Attoh has been called in for questioning, his wife’s husband a convicted drug felon is a Major suspect.

There is so much here to be said about the character of hunky Mr West Africa- especially his reaction to the death of his wife -( not even a tweet to acknowledge)

Ladies, would you accept his baggage?

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