Kim’s Met Gala Look- The pain, extreme diet + how the tiny waist line was achieved

Generally speaking, for events like the MET, it takes a village to dress an A list celeb like Kim – we talking strategy sessions, beauty squad meetings – all the works …. get the picture?

Infact her long time makeup artist Mario told Vogue they said a little glam prayer before getting dressed- Kim was that nervous.

Thierry Mugler –Owner house of Mugler Couture came out of a 20year retirement to personally design Kim’s dress

This is the first time in 20 years Mr. Mugler has designed for the House of Mugler,” Kim told US Vogue. “So, to come and design this gown for me is such an honor”

The concept of her dress was the wet look, inspired by a california girl that just stepped out of the ocean.

Mr Mugler managed the entire creative process- He wanted every detail to be perfect – directing the concept  from hair, makeup and nails to ensure they coordinated with the outfit. It took eight months to make the silicone dress.

How her slim waste line was achieved

Kim’s waist line was achieved by a man called Mr pearl -a French corsetiere who makes the best corsets in the world

Mr pearl is a crazy man so committed to his craft that he wears a Corset day and night – as a man he has achieved such a really slender waist line ( he is a story for another day)

In Partnership with house of Mugler, Mr pearl created the corset that Kim wore underneath her dress

Side note- House of Mugler and Mr pearl has previously collaborated in making waist slimming outfits for celebrities-

Cardi B’s Grammy Outfit was a 1995 collection from Mugler couture

Beyonce was right when she sang pretty hurts “

Because the corset was so tight Kim Kardashian said she could barely seat, drink, eat or use the toilet for full 4 hours while wearing the dress. Her team had to come up with an emergency plan in case she decided she had to pee urgently.

She was transported to the MET Gala in a sprinter van with a pole installed for her to hold on too.

months ahead of the MET Gala, she had to maintain a strict diet to fit into her corset, Kim also had to rehearse severally to fit into the world class Corset that came with the dress

Prior to the MET she had three facials done, a Korean spar scrub, and a spray Tan

Kanye just wanted to be her +1;

He obviously did not want to distract or take any attention away from her. So, he stuck to wearing black- and perfected the art of un-looking during her interviews.She quoted Kanye to Vogue during her dress fittings-

This year am just your +1, I would just try to fade out in the background and just be your date and let you shine

“I used to dream about this night, I used to sit home in bed, looking at all of the pictures of everyone and dreaming of one day that I could ever attend a Met ball,

“So to be the cover girl going to the Met in Mugler is honestly the biggest dream come true and I’m honestly so humbled by the idea that this is my life.” 

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