Kim Kardashian is getting a law degree- Here are 5 moments she revealed her inner FBI skills


Kim revealed through her Vogue US cover that she is studying to become a lawyer- of course you can imagine the reaction: slut shaming, insults and Jeers.

Her experience fighting for criminal justice reform made her realize she needed to know more about the Legal system. Since Kardashian didn’t finish college; she would study law through 4 years of apprenticeship with actual lawyers and write the Bar exam in 2022. She is already training at a law firm in San-Francisco.

Her decision has surprised everyone including herself, but if you think about it,  there are moments when Kim Kardashian displayed some Legal finesse-

Helping release Alice Marie Johnson from prison

She helped an elderly woman who was arrested for a first time nonviolent drug offence. Trump was initially nervous about letting somebody out of prison only for the person to go out and do something terrible, But Kim Kardashian unleashed the most effective, emotional and  intelligent intervention that has  never been seen in American politics.”

Going undercover with a private investigator

On an episode of Kourtney and Kim take Miami, Thrill-seeker Kim sought out a Private Investigator named Jake, who let her help out on one of the kidnap recovery cases he works, pro bono. In this case, a 15-year-old girl named Fara had run away, and Jake and his team were working to track her down.

Kim was an active part of the investigation, stalking the missing’s girls boyfriend on social media, she was the first to find out the alleged kidnapper was running a prostitution ring.

Kim exposes Taylor party

She hacked into phone conversations between Taylor Swift and Kanye , she released video evidence that seemed to show that Taylor Swift was lying about Kardashian’s husband Kanye West. That’s the kind of skill set that is extremely useful for a lawyer.

Hiring a private investigator  to track her sister’s boyfriend

When Kim thought her sisters boyfriend was cheating, she hired a private investigator to put a tracking device on Scott’s car, check his phone records and take pictures of him partying.

Her Sherlock Holmes moves got her into trouble, Kourtney did not take Kim’s meddling well and threw her out of the house



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