Kenya elections rerun: 5 Nigeria judges this upright ruling should give food for thought.

The greatness of our nation lies in the fidelity to its constitution, strict adherence to the rule of law and above all, the fear of God.

Those words from Chief Justice Maraga is now etched into world history as the beginning of a ground breaking judgement. A judgement that stunned the whole world. For the first time in Africa, a Supreme Court judge ruled against a sitting president in favor of an opposition leader #Kenya elections.

As Kenya beams with pride at the independence of its judiciary and the world begins to unravel, discover Maraga. My thoughts are with our own judiciary in Nigeria.


I hope they are watching, want to believe that they have been really inspired.especially these 5:


  1. The Dasuki gate judge AKA Justice Demola

Justice Ademola would forever be remembered in Legal history as the Supreme Court Judge that granted bail to former National security adviser Sambo Dasuki (#Dasukigate Scandal). He also gave the order that Nnamdi Kanu of the IPOB should be granted bail.

There were allegations that bribery secured the release of these high profile inmates. But there was no proof. But anti-corruption agencies believed he was sketchy and they went digging.

Justice Ademola during trial

Charges against Ademola;

  • Adeniyi Ademola was alleged to have accepted N55.6million from Messrs. G.T. J Ademola & Co between 5th January and 23rd June 2016.
  • on 20th February 2014 he accepted N40million Naira from a Vertices Solutions Ltd
  • Another N47, 600, 000: 00 from Acardian Energy Services Ltd.
  • N4, 771, 300:00 from Lawan Suliaman between 21st February and 7th November 2014.
  • Finally Justice Ademola home was raided by the DSS he was allegedly found to be in possession of $550k, two unlicensed Pump Action Rifles in his Abuja home.
  • He has since been arrested, bailed and acquitted in a Kangaroo trial


  1. Justice Ngwuta AKA the landlord.

Amassing lands for his great- great grandchildren to come, This Supreme Court justice from Abakiliki was charged to court for failing to declare over 30 plots of lands in  Abakiliki to the code of conduct tribunal.

Ngwuta was docked on a 16 count charge bordering on money laundering, age falsification and illegal possession of multiple international passports

  • The judge failed to declare several vehicles including a Wrangler SUV, a Toyota SUV, and a BMW 5 series.
  • Between the 1st day of August 2014 and the 16thday of July 2015, Mr. Ngwuta received from Mr. Ogudu Nwadire, through his personal bank account numbered (0018113021) domiciled at Union Bank PLC, the total sum of Thirty-Six Million, Three Hundred and Ten Thousand Naira (NGN 36, 310,00.00)

The DSS raided his home on the night of October 7 2016, said it mopped cash: 35. 2million; 319.5million; 25.8pounds.  The judge cried foul and claimed the cash was planted.

  1. Justice Inyang Okoro AKA the Governor

What else do we call the Supreme Court judge he upheld the results of the two sham elections in 2015

Abia state and its commercial hub Aba is like the valley of the dead. Wasted, desolate and abandoned.

In 2015 elections, Dr Alex Otti of APGA a Nigerian economist, banker, investor, philanthropist and former GMD diamond bank sold a well detailed marshal plan on how to bring life back to the city. Abia state was sold. They have found their candidate

But PDP cabal & candidate Alex Ikpeazu had a different plan to win. During the election INEC collation officers were paid to disappear, card readers were tampered with, voting cards were stolen and thumb printed.  PDP Ikpeazu emerged winner.


After a long legal battle that ended in the Supreme Court.  Justice Inyang Okoro upturned the appeal court decision to sack Ikpeazu and upheld the 2015 election.


He did same in Akwaibom elections,
Inspite of the evidence of principal witnesses, video evidence, and evidence from state collation agents that the election was rigged, Justice Okoro upheld the election of Udom Emmanuel.


The Federal Government has slammed a three count charge against him:


  • On 31st of Dec 2011 through his personal bank account 2025921238 domiciled at First Bank PLC, he corruptly received 20,000 dollars from a Governor(name withheld) in discharge of his official duties.
  • From the same account he also received 18.5 million naira from a business man ( name also withheld)
  • At the night of October 7 2016 when the DSS stormed his Abuja residence in search of the proceeds of crime. They found 38, 800 dollars in cash at his home


  1. Justice Ofili AKA pay to play


Flash back to 2014:

Former comptroller general of the Nigeria Customs Service, Abdullahi Dikko gave a Mr. Omale an account number belonging to Nigel and Colive Ltd.

The comptroller’s instructions were simple, liase with the 12 commands of the customs service. Each command should pay N1 million each, the total 12 million to be transferred to Nigel and Colive.

The instructions were carried out as directed and on July 11, 2014, the N12 million was paid in three trenches of N3million, N4million and N5million into the account of Nigel and Colive Ltd.

The said account belonged to Supreme justice ofili. Clearly Nigeria customs had some pretty serious case in court.

2years later Omale the comptrollers errand boy sat in the witness box and testified against Justice Ofili

Mrs. Ofili was also docked for several other cash deposits in her account she could not explain. She has since been arrested and released on bail.


              5 Chief justice of Nigeria Hon justice Walter S.N.Onnoghen AKA friend of Governor Wike

The chief justice seems like the only good one, at least no huge money transfers. Or is he?

So the Governor of cross river state is a very nice man. He decides to build justice quarters for federal and state justices in Port-Harcourt, a project that would run into billions of Naira.

I find it a bit curious Wike did not choose to build quarters for teachers or even farmers

Wike invited The Chief Justice of Nigeria, Hon. Justice Walter S. N. Onnoghen to the ground breaking ceremony of the justice quarters.

The integrity group of Nigeria advised the chief justice not to flag off such a project that was not probably covered by the state budget; No tender has been published and none of the Public Procurement prerequisites as required by the extant laws in Rivers State have been adhered to .

He attended it anyway. Wike now brags to his cronies that he has the chief justice of Nigeria and the entire judiciary under his pocket.

Recalling corrupt judges;

NJC Justice Walter Onnoghen took a decision to recall the embattled judges this June. Some of these judges were mysteriously cleared of wrong doing and called back into the bar.


As Maraga takes a spot Africa’s history; I hope these judges have paused for a sober reflection.

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