kendall’s secret twin brother? We have the real scoop about Kirby Jenner…and what they are up to.

Big shocker!

Kendall Jenner had a twin brother named Kirby Jenner and he has secretly been around all these while, infact Kim calls him the family’s best kept secret.

The Jenner’s mysterious twin brother is an amateur model and rollerblader and he is even set to feature on his own reality show.

Actually, Kirby is not real-

He is just an Instagram celebrity that knows a ton about playing with Photoshop, he got famous by photo-shopping himself into Kendall Jenner’s photos, and for many years he has presented himself as her fraternal twin

Just online creators doing funny stuff, but his parody photos were so good he was nominated for a webby awards- Social Content and Marketing humor

All images below are photo shopped and shared on his Instagram page where he has over 1.3 million Instagram followers.


Lets just say the kardashians have taken notice of him and officially welcomed him to join the family…

Well, erm he is not exactly joining the family, but he will be featuring on a parody show called Kirby Jenner (trailer seen above)

The main objective of the parody show is to promote a new app called Quibi. The new app Quibi which also means bite size is creating very short movies (10 minutes) that you can watch on your phone while waiting for a meeting on drinking Coffee.

The Quibi app is a mobile exclusive entertainment and all its shows is 10 minutes only

The Kardashian parody show featuring Kirby Jenner will feature on Quiby so my guess is the Kardashians and Kirby are being paid to create some awareness for this new app. everyone is definitely breaking bank…X

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