Keeping up with Kardashian new season trailer went straight for the Jordyn Woods scandal (watch video)


Season 16 sounds like a blockbuster movie:  the tears, screams, heartbreaks …. They really went in on the Jordyn Woods scandal, and subtly threw some shade when Kris made a toast to Kendall and Jordan

Isn’t their life such a movie- I mean anytime you think the show is done their life drama adds some fuel to get everyone fired up. There is always something to tune in for

Kim ‘s 72 day old marriage
Kylie’s drama with Tyga
Caitlyn Jenner becoming a woman
Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian Drama
Khloe Tristan Drama / Khloe Lemar drama

Now the Jordyn woods cheating scandal and they are really milking it for everything its worth. After they would be crying for Privacy SMH




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