Just in-case you missed dead pool with David Beckham- Hillarious!

Deadpool 2 is  is an upcoming Marvel Superhero movie based on the Marvel character Dead pool. It is distributed by 20th century fox and due to be released in the United States May 18, and UK May 16.

The first sequel of the movie which was released in 2016 was a smash hit. Deadpool 1  earned over $783 million against a $58 million budget, broke numerous records and became the overall highest grossing R-rated film.

As part of the promotion efforts for the upcoming sequel (Deadpool 2); the lead character  has performed with Celine Dion: (watch their performance here)

He also wrote a letter to stark towers requesting to join the Avengers (of course he was declined).

Very recently he visited David Beckham to apologize for a remark he made in Deadpool 1.

Its all just a marketing gimmick to remind fans how humorous the Deadpool sequel is going to be. #hotstuff

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