Is VAR killing football? – Here’s what star players, Pundits, coaches & fans are saying.

The state of football today …
  • Do we celebrate or wait?
  • Yes the ball hit his hands, but it was a mistake, a tiny error
  • Its a goal… its not a goal.
  • Why didn’t VAR see that?
  • VAR made the wrong decision, VAR made the right decision

After every football game- the decisions made by VAR take center stage

The latest VAR outbreak happened after Manchester City Versus Spurs. Gabriel Jesus scored a late winner for Man-city, but Var decided that goal was not going to happen leading to another huge argument over VAR’s role in football and if the digitized check should be scrapped entirely

It’s a complicated argument about the rules of football, the margins of error and fairplay

Football VAR : Yeah or Nay? Industry experts & fans have their say

Mohammed Salah- Its too fair

Mark Saggers- British radio presenter

When no body in the ground, including fans, players and management sees nothing wrong with a goal, just get on with it and carry on; because in the end what’s gonna happen is that fans are not gonna watch a game of football, because you can no longer enjoy it as a game that has its “fallibilities”, In the same way the goal keeper makes a mistake and cannot keep a ball out, or a goal is missed by a forward. The laws are ruining our game, you cannot celebrate a goal.

Micheal Platini:  disgraced ex – UEFA chief

VAR’s killing football! “VAR is a DIY video, which hasn’t brought more justice to football,”

Former Manchester United and England full-back Paul Parker

We want the right decisions, but was the game really that desperate for everything to be absolutely perfect and spot on? Football is so subjective, I think that VAR has taken on far too much too soon

“Only thieves can complain about the introduction of security cameras.”-

Jose Mourinho

Jamie Carragher – Retired Liverpool defender has only praises for VAR

He weighed into VAR debate following Tottenham Hotspur’s 2-2 draw against Manchester City: “VAR was brilliant on this. If people have got a problem, it’s with the law. This now (the ball brushing Laporte’s arm) is not allowed.”

Mauricio Pochettino

“I am not sure that the system [VAR] is going to help. We love the game that we know. Football is about emotion, we want to keep the emotion. The fans are not so happy about what they have seen today. In my opinion we have the best referees in Europe and the world.

“Football is about mistakes. We make mistakes, the players make mistakes, the referees make mistakes. When we watch the action at half time it was difficult to take some decisions. The referee has the last word always”

Simon Mullock – journalist and sports writer

First a confession: I don’t like VAR. Football isn’t supposed to be the perfect game, I fell in love with it because often it’s about people (players, coaches, referees) getting things wrong. Often badly wrong.

At the moment, the authorities seems to be hellbent on making it as much like a PlayStation game as possible.

Peter Walton- Former Referee, English Premier League

He supported The VAR assisted penalty awarded to Manchester United in the quarter finals of the Champions league against PSG.

Walton told BT Sport.“It’s a huge decision and that’s exactly why VAR has been brought in. As the law is written at the moment, that’s handball.” awarding the penalty to penalty to Manchester United is the right thing to do.

My opinion “SHA” is that VAR is racist, Do you remember the double penalty VAR awarded against Nigeria to France during the women’s world cup?

Our goal keeper caught the penalty, but because of a tiny margin of error, she stepped away from her goal post by a few inches– the penalty was taken a second time and France scored.

I am still angry with VAR

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