Inside Dino Melaye’s website: Pages for projects & sponsored bills are blank

Senator Dino Melaye is well known to Nigerians.

To the music Lovers, he is the Ajekun Iya crooner.

To some he is the violent senator, a wife beater who also threatened to impregnate and beat up Senator Mrs. Tinubu.

To others he is the certificate forger, after all Harvard University and London Business Schools have denied that he has any degrees with them.

And most recently in the news, he is the senator almost relieved from duty by his constituents who don’t want him in power any more.

But to every story there are two sides;  and the most positive source of information about Senator Dino Melaye  should be his website.

So we visited, at least to find some positive news about Mr Dino.

This is what we found:

An Impressive home page;

At the website home page, you would find Pictures of him turbaned in chieftaincy attire, Dino on the floor of the house, shaking hands with the president and other picture perfect moments.


The Meet Dino page:

He presents himself as the people’s man, fighting for their rights irrespective of challenges he may face.

He mentioned that he has sponsored a couple of bills and motions but do not give any specific details.

According to the page, he achieved the following so far:

Helped some Kogites get free jamb forms, Assist Kogi graduates in getting governmental jobs & putting boreholes into some wards.

We must note that Dino has been receiving constituency allowance for six years, so these achievements sound like bread crumbs.


Constituency & facts about Kogi west page

The pages for constituency and facts about Kogi west has nothing to show.

If you try to open it in new tab it simply takes you back to the home page.

That means Senator Dino Melaye has represented Kogi west for 4years in the house of reps and almost 3 years in the Senate, but cannot give us simple facts about Kogi west and the needs of people that live in in it.


Legislation Page:

Dino main job and the reason he was elected.

Sponsored bills, has a blank page.

Committee on FCT also blank, takes you back to his home page.


Newsroom page:

This page is extremely very busy

It’s full of news about commendable things he has done. Example calling for the completion of the Oni dam, Exposing corruption, etc.

But it’s also note-worthy that none of this press releases is attributed to any of the major papers in Nigeria. Neither Vanguard nor Punch or even NAIJ gist.

By definition, news & press releases is simply what the papers and press say about you.

But in this case , Hmmmmmm


Senator Dino Melaye Project page;

This page has nothing to show.

In this page, there should be pictures and location evidence of projects he has executed or people he has touched.

Rather you find nothing!


To view Dino Melaye’s website for yourself click here

Feel free to draw your own conclusions









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