Insecurity in Naija – A quick snapshot of what’s going on and where its happening

Insecurity now exists at every corner of the country,  especially in the north of Nigeria, they come with different names but their Modus Operandi is basically the same


A new security threat has emerged in the north – they boldly burn down homes, kill people across Northern States of Zamfara, Kastina, Niger and Kaduna.

As usual with every underworld group in Nigeria, they bring the government to their Knees forcing them to negotiate- money and ransome change hands- the bandits in turn  buy bigger and better equipment and stage a bigger attack.

In the Images below, the bandits are pictured negotiating with governmental and security agencies.
Bandits in the news recently

Kastina State- Dozens of gunmen on motorcycles attacked two villages last week shooting residents and burning homes.

The bandits killed 21 people in Tsauwa village and another nine in Dankar according to Kastina police spokesman, Gambo Isah.

Kaduna – Four seminarians, aged between 18 and 23, were abducted when armed kidnappers forced their way into the Good Shepherd Major Seminary in Kaduna.

The four, all first-year students of philosophy at the Seminary, were forced into vehicles as the intruders then made their escape from police and the armed forces. one of the seminarians named Micheal was killed inspite of the fact that a ransome was paid

In Zamfara State: the Bandits kidnapped Monarch and his son but released them after ransome of a bike was exchanged

In the southwest they are known by a different name – “Kidnappers”

Recently in the news, twelve persons have reportedly been kidnapped along Itobe – Ajegu community of Kogi State. The state Police Public Relations Officer, DSP William Aya, said the victims were travelling from Warri in a Toyota Hiace bus when they were abducted.

The driver who was able to escape reported with the Police at Itobe Division. The source also disclosed that the abductors who initially demanded 30 million ransom to free their victims, on Tuesday, reduced the ransom to N1.5 million per victim amounting to N18 million.

Boko Haram is still very much in operation

In the news recently,

They are really having a busy period , they recently attacked a community close to chibok razing houses and shooting

Very recently in Maiduguri over 30 people including a pregnant woman were burnt alive after being stranded outside a military gate in Maiduguri . the military gave transporters and travelers a curfew of 5pm to come into Maiduguri city- but because the affected group arrived late they were forced to sleep outside the city in their buses.

“Many of the drivers and their assistants who were sleeping in the vehicles were burnt alive,” said Babakura Kolo, a member of a state-backed anti-jihadist militia.  The jihadists combed through the village, looting and burning shops and property before withdrawing, he said.

The Fulani herdsmen are still very much in business

They seem to have declared silent war on Nigerians- A land war, along many areas where the land is green and the Vegetation is lush

In the news recently, Suspected herdsmen recently killed 2 farmers in Edo State

They also recently attacked a village in Delta State- An agrarian community close to the riverline areas killing eight people and burying them in shallow graves. The community accused the police of aiding and abetting the herdsmen

Nobody is left out, everyone is a target- including the politicians .

The Bandits, kidnappers, herdsmen, Boko Haram are becoming bold and brave, they are not afraid of the police or SSS.

  • Rumored Plans to attack the national assembly
  • The attack on Rotimi Amechi at the train station which he initially tried to deny

The presidents position on this is always the same- Local communities that catch bandits should hand over the suspects to law enforcement authorities instead of meting out capital punishment, leading to a cycle of revenge and counter revenge.”

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