Innoson Boss- His million Dollar Empire and the scandal with GTB

Innocent chukwuma, Chairman of Innoson group of companies was arrested two days ago by EFCC and pandemonium broke out in the country

These are just a few of the soundbites;

Can the FBI interfere between Citibank and Ford motors ?– Senate president Bukola Saraki.

I am yet to be briefed on the circumstances regarding the arrest of innocent chukwuma- Abubakar Malami

In a country where industries are rare, I thought the nation as a whole will treat Innoson as a national treasure. Why bundle a Nation-builder like a criminal- Majority opinion on social media.

Be warned against using trumped up allegation and other behind the scene games to harass and intimidate chief innocent chukwuma. He is the pride of Ndi-Igbo who employs thousands of Nigerians. South east elder’s forum.

The Hashtags

#boycott GTB, #freeInnoson

What happened?

Drama started after EFCC forcibly arrested Innoson boss at his residence. They faced stiff opposition from his staff and bodyguards, called for reinforcement and finally arrested him. 

According to EFCC… He evaded billions in tax, committed fraud and forgery. He also refused to honor their invitation to answer to the charges levelled against him.

According to GTB bank:   he forged their signatures and went against contractual loan agreement. They reported the case to the EFCC.

According to Innoson boss; He alleged that GTB bank withdrew excessive charges from his account. He is presently in court with them over the allegation.

Too much drama, but in the midst of this has greatness been unveiled?

Whoever is right or wrong the reaction of the public has bestowed greatness on Innocent Chukwuma . The senate, presidency, state Governors and Nigerian masses got involved. His arrest  almost resulted in a political and ethnic crisis

Who is Innoson Chukwuma and why is he widely popular.

He is the poster child of the very first made in Nigeria vehicle. (Innoson motors) He has partners around the world and China, but his head office is in Nnewi-#ourown.

Nnewi is a small town that has birthed some of the richest Naira billionaires. The Louis carter. Ibeto.  Ekenedilichukwu. Ifeanyi Ubah. Innoson happens to be one of them.

The Innoson group of business manufactures a wide range of commodities: Tyres and tubes, plastics, electrical fittings, and motorcycles but most importantly the first made in Nigeria cars

The rise of the Innoson empire (Never despise the days of humble beginnings)

He failed to get admission into the university, He started working in his brother’s chemist store. Discovering his love for trade he apprenticed with Chief Romanus onwuka, the biggest motorcycle parts dealer in Nnewi

With a loan of 20,000 naira, He incorporated Innoson simply to sell tyres and motorcycle spare parts

The ball was set rolling, he was unstoppable.

He went into china, he found better ways to sell the cheapest motorcycle spare parts.

Then he started importing the cheapest motor bikes

In 1995, he started producing new motorbikes in Nigeria, Nnewi. Today second hand bikes are a thing of the past.

In 2002, he diversified his portfolio into plastics. Innoson Technical and Industrial Limited, produced over 150 product lines of plastic.

Then he went into motor spare parts and engines. Due to the alarming rate of second hand vehicles brought into the country, he decided to start producing cars in Nigeria.

In February 2009, the first made-in-Nigeria vehicle emerged under another subsidiary, Innoson Vehicle manufacturing Company Ltd. (IVM) the dream became a reality at Nnewi.

A new challenge for the banking sector

This would present a new case study for years to come on how banks should deal with business people, specifically the ones that have endeared themselves to the Nigerian population. Manufacturing cars made him the pride of the east, people spoke out for him.

what if he actually forged documents? few are asking this question. it is allegedly reported that angry easterners has withdrawn millions of Naira to close their GTB account. the bank has quickly tried to squash the rumors by releasing a press statement. (such stories are bad for their business)

Nigerians are is desperately in need of a hero…(even the not so great ones)

 An industrialist employing labor under the economic circumstances has become a man of the people.

Traditional dancers as well as masquerades gathered at the Kanu Ibiam airport awaiting his arrival into Enugu State after he was released from the EFCC custody.
His aircraft touched ground at about 2.05 pm. As soon as the crowd sighted him, they went into wild jubilation.
A long convoy of cars joined in escorting Chukwuma‎ to his Enugu residence, with chants of solidarity songs.
Some of them carried solidarity placards with different inscription such as ‘EFCC stop Embarrassing Igbo Nation”, “Our Senate is Working”, “Innoson can’t be intimidated”, ‎among others.

Maybe he should consider running for office?



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