In defense of Cuppy’s new video- we have three comments (watch video + similar ones)


So DJ Cuppy is being dragged to the slaughter house;


After the release of her new track “Charged up”, social media users have reached a unanimous decision that she is a failed artist and needs to stop singing- ” infact the only thing they want to hear from her –is to cuppy this tune, press this incase you have not seen the Video, view below

No, we refuse to allow Cuppy take all the blame, there is a bit of understanding, we can explain:

  1. The song actually belongs to Master Craft, that means the entire concept and beats is his. Its his place to advise Cuppy on how to enter and exit the song. in the tweet below, she thanked him for featuring her in HIS new song. she even said it was an honor to work with him.


2)  “Charged up” is a talk through song-  The idea was for Cuppy to talk through and not sing:  The concept of Afro electronic dance beats with occasional talk through was popularized in East and South Africa. Popular South African Boy group “Destruction Boys” won multiple awards and gained international acclaim for their Hit track “Omunye”  which had a similar vibe. watch –

3) – Put some respect on that beat! thats a club banger

I agree her talk through could have been better, but am feeling the song. the beats are on fleek, the video is great,and its generating the right amount of controversy. Y’all need to chill!

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