IKEA will pay 46 million fine after their furniture crushes two year old child to death

Swedish furniture giant IKEA will pay US$46 million to the parents of a two-year-old child crushed to death by a piece of IKEA furniture : A three drawer bedroom dresser with legs that can easily tip over.

This particular bedroom dresser has been associated with several child deaths from accidental tip-overs according to a mediated court settlement.

The Child in question – Jozef Dudek died in 2017 at his home in California when he climbed on the short bedroom dresser and it fell on top of him.

Jozef was found pinned between the drawers of  the bedroom dresser in his bedroom after being put down for an afternoon nap in May 2017. 

He is the eighth child known to have died from the dresser after it toppled forward.

Back In 2016, about four children were killed after the drawer toppled over prompting the Swedish furniture makers to launch a massive product recall. About 8 million Malm chests and drawers were recalled, along with 21 million other pieces of furniture.

Consumers were given the option of a refund or a kit to anchor the furniture to the wall of their rooms.

Three of the parents of the deceased children filed a law suit back in 2016, among them was 2-year-old Curren Collas of West Chester, who died in 2014. IKEA had to pay $50 million to three separate families back then

Safety advocates and the family of recent victim Jozef Dudek accused IKEA of not doing enough and leaving the products in the market

Its claimed they did not promote the product recall well enough, In the law suit, the parents said they had received no notice of the recall even though IKEA had their contact information through its customer loyalty program.

They also accused IKEA of failing to redesign the bedroom dressers especially because they knew fully well was unstable

The US$46 million settlement is believed to be the largest for the wrongful death of a child, the Dudeks’ attorneys said. Filed a lawsuit; the parents of the child plans to Donate to advocacy groups whose kids have been killed by fallen furniture

Wow, Imagine this type of thing happened in Nigeria, IKEA would just bribe one or two people and the case will be dropped immediately, have you heard anyone sue Dangote or Otedola for the numerous accidents with their trailers.

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