If Maryam Sanda was a man…

The headlines would been different. It may have sounded emotional like “new mum stabbed to death by her husband in another case of domestic violence” most of the headlines did not call the story what it was( domestic Violence)

The reason would never have mattered:  some social media users are accusing her late husband bilyaminu of being a serial cheat, she found messages on his phone and that’s why she got mad and stabbed him. More than one twitter user put out tweets that seem to exonerate Maryam sanda’s heinous act.

Women right groups and war against domestic violence would have gone up in arms. They would have issued statements and called for the full prosecution of Late Bilayaminu if he was the killer.There might have been press statements with her mother in tow crying about the whole situation.

#justice for Maryam would have trended for days on twitter. Previous cases of domestic violence  against women would have been replayed over and over again.

We would probably have heard from Aunty Oby BBOG, who is quickly building a reputation as a          women- girl right activist. She would have made a cryptic tweet or post. This story is really popular because of the calibre of people involved. If it were about two couples somewhere in Lagos Abule egba, maybe just Linda Ikeji crime story would carry it.

Bilyaminu Bello is the son of a former PDP Chairman, Haliru Bello, While Maryam Sanda is the daughter of embattled former Aso savings bank boss. Hajia Maimuna Aliyu.

Incase you have been sleeping for the past two days and just woke up in a daze., on Sunday night Maryam Sanda stabbed her husband bilyaminu to death. according to a tweet from his relative, they argued over a text message on his phone that suggested he was cheating

Where are the feminist and the female right activists. There should be a press statement as well when the story swings on the opposite direction and men are the abused. #domestic violence redefined.






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