Hurricane Harvey: Nigeria media gives Texas storm more coverage than flooding in Benue and Kastina.

When disaster strikes; the media coverage helps activate world interest and sympathy

NGO(s), cooperate bodies, celebrities and individuals are spurred on to give, volunteer and assist in

Search and rescue.

Hurricane Harvey is a typical case study…

The hurricane has received unprecedented coverage from United States media and International news bodies including BBC, Russia Media and even African media.

Harvey news updates is front and center, the whole world now knows about the tragedies, the human stories ,rescue challenges and where help is needed.

Companies have pledged $55 million to relief efforts as of Wednesday morning, according to an estimate from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. But this figure is constantly changing as contributions continue to pour in.

Celebrities are also making donations. Kevin hart jump-started a campaign that raised 5 million dollars ; Beyoncé is rumored to have donated 7 million dollars, the Kardashian sisters half a million dollars.

This is a sharp contrast to what’s happening In Nigeria…

three days ago. about the same day Hurricane Harvey started, Homes were submerged and lives were lost in Benue, but there was little or no coverage from major news outlets. last month, there was also a flooding incident in Kastina state.

The news made it to channels TV ,Vanguard and some other channels but not as the headline news, it did not take front and center.

Kastina flooding in details;

  • Last month, a 10-year-old boy lost his life while over 2,000 people have been displaced by a flood disaster that ravaged Kaita town of Katsina State.
  • “The flood disaster happened following a heavy rainfall that persisted for several hours which destroyed over 150 houses in the area,” Umma Abdullahi-Mahuta, Acting Sole Administrator of the local council, told the News Agency of Nigeria in Kaita.
  • Also, the District Head of Kaita, Abdulkarim Kabir, appealed to the Katsina State government to provide relief materials to the victims.

Benue flooding details;

  • 3 days ago, Homes, markets and cooperate offices was submerged under water in Benue state. Benue radio station and Wurukum market were also affected.
  • State commissioner for environments Mr. Joseph Utsev explained the ministry needed funds to mitigate against the situation, adding that the disaster was caused by blocked drainages in some areas.
  • Six other communities were also affected.


Nigerians don’t get the full human story of these tragedies  that would encourage action, the way we are all hearing stories from Hurricane Harvey

We heard no statement from the presidency

There were no celebrity or corporate donations

Am sure figures for loss of lives almost were inaccurately  unreported

We seem almost immune to our own tragedies, not because we don’t care but it’s not reported extensively.

We are all guilty, we should do more.

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