How the “Babcock girl” caught in a sex tape can Kim Kardashian her situation – 5 easy steps.

By now we all the know story- but for formality sake lets Recap

Sex video of two Babcock students leaked , Babcock university attempts damage control by declaring in a PR statement that the immoral act took place outside the university-specifically St Bridget Hospital, Abeokuta, Ogun State, where the boy has been undergoing rehabilitation for different destructive addictions.

The school also made it clear that both students have since been expelled from the school. Nigeria being a patriarchal society has condemned the lady, while ignoring the boy- she has been labelled – A hoe, The bab-“Cock” girl, Swallow queen. even fellow women that should protect her are shaming her

Its a sad situation, but it has already happened, everyone has seen the videos, – rather than be all sad and suicidal, quickly leverage and Kardashian your situation.

1)Lawyer up and get money for your videos-

Right now, she cannot afford a paid lawyer, but she can strike a 50-50 deal to secure a lawyer willing to work to get some money out for her

Porn sites make a ton of money through advertising condoms and other love and play items, a cut of that money should be hers especially if ads run through her video

According to the daily mail,

Kim Kardashian cancelled the lawsuit against the Porn company that uploaded her video, rather she contacted her lawyers and got them, to pay her since it was literally impossible to scrub the video off the internet. – she and Ray Jay received 300,000 in cash. Till date they both receive at least $90,000 once a quarter. This means they are both raking in around $360,000 per year

…Kim Kardashian is making much more being the one that Initiated the deal.

Our Babcock girl can actually contact the porn site where her videos were uploaded and agree an advertisement sharing amount for every ad that runs through and every download- She may not make Kim Kardashian money- but definitely she will make a ton of it…

2) Show up on social media with hair and makeup on “fleek

Her first post must read- Yes I had a sex tape, if u are a virgin you can cast the first stone.

Girl that’s power – thats owning your shame- nobody can shame the shameless, the blogs are definitely going to go into a frenzy with various headlines, she will most definitely break the internet a second time- and this would lead to an uptick in video views – ( more people will go back to watch her videos on the Porn site earning her more money)

Whether we want to admit or not- that girl is a star, She broke the internet for days- Do you know how many of those Nigerian guys calling her hoe will follow her just to slide into her DM.

3) Write a book- title it “leaked”

Trust me that book will sell out faster than “Toke Makinwa’s unbecoming”- Pen you story, even I want to hear what happened;

How did your parents react, how did you face your younger ones if any; tell us about the dark days of tears and shame- many will cry with you, facing the public and neighbors, family friends again, picking yourself up -.

Girl you have a solid story to tell. start writing.

4) Sell something

You are the “Babcock girl” anything you sell now people will buy, some out pity, some because you are a brand already.

Since you have been expelled leverage your large following that would definitely follow after being active and authentic on social media, to start a business.

5) Package yourself as an influencer

Any publicity is good, ask Tacha she just got a Ciroc bottle in her name. right now twitter knows you as the “Babcock girl” i dont mean it in a demeaning, way but you can be an influencer for alcoholic drinks, Condoms, wines, clubs, events. On another note, you can cut me cheque later if you actually follow my advice.

In the words of Beyonce, when life offers you lemons- Make a lemonade and give everyone to have a sip- #asktoke

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