How Nigeria’s Female chocolate maker became successful #girlboss #girlpower

Nigeria is barley living to its full potential, most of the world’s valuable agro products are in Nigeria but we do not use in manufacturing, some examples

  • Hibiscus(Zobo), Moringa and Sesame seeds leave our country as exports and return in hair products and oils ( at bloated prices)
  • Cocoa leaves our country as Bean seeds and return as chocolates
  • Nigeria produces 60% of the world’s sheabutter, but the company called shea moisture resides in America while we import their products (made from our raw materials) as premium finished products
  • Cotton leaves Nigeria as cotton balls and return as imported Cotton Fabrics.

For this reason I am super excited to share the inspiring story of Femi Oyedipe, one of the pioneers of chocolate making business in Nigeria

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