How Nicki Minaj’s “Goodform” video is re-igniting the battle with Cardi B (watch Video)


First of all the we like to say the video is “blessed”– twerking, booty and fully endowed women. girls literally showed up in good form- watch

Great video, but its already generating a Nicki Versus Cardi controversy.

Some say she is overplaying the sex- appeal in a desperate attempt to outshine Cardi B
Others think Good form is so great Cardi is shittng on her pants

And to prove Nicki had Cardi in mind when she shot the video, she used a bartender called “Jade” – a lady who is presently filing a law suit against Cardi B.

Its alleged that Cardi had Jade beat-up because she was rumored she was having an affair with her husband offset.

Famous Rapper  6ix9ine hired Jade and her sister Baddy G for the Nicki video.

Rumor also has it its that  Nicki made 6ix9ine back out of a deal with Fashion Nova who is presently working with Cardi B.

The industry is now forced to take sides- you either team Nicki or Cardi. no two queens in the rap game!

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