How Kim Kardashian is using controversy and semi-nude photos to sell her limited edition Valentine perfumes.

For Kim Kardashian, being naked is good business. Her last bout of nude shots was no accident. Earlier this year, she was actively teasing and promoting her recently launched perfumes (valentine edition). Her line KKW fragrance debuted three separate fragrances ahead of the valentine season: BFF, BAE and Ride or die.

On a daily basis she uploaded really catchy images of the perfumes. She introduced each fragrance telling her followers about the scents, how they were made and the fruity ingredients it contains.

On the 29th of January 4 days to launch day, she stopped all promotions

Product promotions were replaced with racy and sexy semi-nude photos of herself.

All her social media handles were buzzing with excitement: Facebook, twitter, Instagram

Not only did she post nudes but she styled her hair in African braids

As usual the internet went wild. The press went on overdrive, she was praised, she was condemned but most importantly …she had our full attention.

There was more traffic to her social pages, some free press and attention

She fell right back into promotion mode until her product launched yesterday.

There is every possibility that people would stop by her page to catch a glimpse of her semi-nude photos, but also come across her promotion materials


After the Launch, Kim announced she is sending perfume samples not just to friends, but to haters.

She made this announcement on Snapchat. She drew up a colour coded table that separated her haters in blue from her friends in pink and purple.

Of course the idea is to court controversy and sell some extra bottles or why else did she go public with the announcement

Stratford Perth Museum

Kim’s list of “haters” includes one dozen long-time enemies: Taylor Swift, Blac Chyna, Pink, Bette Midler, Wendy Williams, Sharon Osborne, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Chloe Grace Moretz, and Janice Dickinson, Naya Riviera, Chelsea handler, and British media personality Piers Morgan. And while most of the people on Kim’s hate list have stayed mum on their “gift,” Morgan says he is “humbled and proud” to make Kim’s cut.

“Proud & humbled to be the only man to make @Kim Kardashian’s Valentine’s perfume hate list! #Keeping Away From the Kardashians,” Piers Morgan said on Twitter.

Of course her perfumes have been in the news thanks to this publicity stunt; the numbers are in…they are selling fast.

The promotion box  of the perfume is #packaginggoals.  A small KKW branded hammer, heart shaped box . when you break open the box, the perfume is covered in chocolate.

So what do you think Business woman or Hoe?

Drop your verdict in the comment section down below.


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