How did u respond to 1 week of bad news – Ethiopian plane crash, Lagos building collapse…..+more

Like a deadly hurricane, Tragedy swept into the second week of March,

First it hit  Ethiopian airlines….157 people on board died- No survivors

We are still reeling from the shock, praying condolence when  Tafaji building collapsed in Lagos Island, hundreds of kids were trapped underneath the rubble

The deadly storm of tragedy continued unabated – It hit Onitsha where a trailer accident killed 7 and injured Many, New Zealand terrorist attack over 50 killed, 50 injured,  another building collapsed in Ibadan

We may not have been in the Chaos, but it leaves fear, anxiety and paranoia expressed in many ways…How did you react to all the bad news? 

1) Shut out the story from your mind- Stay numb

The more you read, the more anxiety and fear grows so its best to desensitize.  You dont ask too many questions, or read heart breaking stories of loved ones left behind, you dont even want to see the pictures.

You shut down and stay aloof until the story fades- its not that you don’t care, its just a coping mechanism

2) Motivational Teachers


Inspired with a new outlook to life they want to tell everyone to live differently.  Live everyday like its your last, dont fight over silly things, forgive quickly . etc. In the Plane Crash, they all died leaving everything behind

3) Blame someone for the tragedy- Mostly the government

It very easy to blame someone for the tragedy, but as regards the fallen building in Lagos The government is neither the builder who used inferior materials nor the landlord who knew the state of his building and still kept tenants in it. The building in question was marked for demolition, but money exchanged hands and the rest is history.

4 ) Instant volunteers

These bunch  would spring into action to help in any way possible, spread a hashtag, donate blood, Retweet till the authorities take action. Start a gofundme.  They are emotional yes but more motivated to take action.

6) You feel so grateful for life ‘

Suddenly the things you have been fighting for seem so useless, the problems that were keeping you up at night feels like nothing when you see people fighting to pick the ashes of their loved ones from a crash site.

5) Paranoid, Afraid, constantly worried


Whats your coping mechanism, cos at a time like this we all need one. May the souls of all the departed find rest. May God comfort loved one left behind- this is all sad

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