How celebrities pay to attend the MET GALA- The most sought after guest list in Hollywood

The Met Gala is a yearly fundraiser for the costume institute. It is held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (nicknamed ‘The Met’) in NYC- but that’s the boring part.

The Met Gala is the Oscars of fashion honey, attending it elevates the status of celebrities in Hollywood and puts them on the world map

Attendance is strictly by invitation and If you want your name on the guest list then you have to impress one of the most powerful women in Hollywood- Anna Wintour -Vogue Editor in chief

The MET Gala is Invite only and the guests needs to be approved by Wintour herself.
With a guests list of roughly 600 celebrities, Qualifications for inclusion have to do with buzz the celebrity have created, achievements (and beauty). Even Rihanna who had a very quiet 2019 did not make the list

To demonstrate how the MET Gala Snubs hundreds of celebrities, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian has never been invited…EVER

But the rest of the Kardashian Jenner Clan occasionally makes it to the guest list – Kylie is a reality star billionaire; Kim a beauty Mogul, while Kendall Jenner is the world’s highest paid model.

There is a waiting list of guests that could be invited to attend last minute

A vogue insider told page six that in case of a no-show, plenty of rich people are willing to endure any kind of humiliation in order to attend the MET Gala

According to sources – prominent society names who couldn’t get a ticket and are prepped to go if there’s a last-minute seat that becomes available,” said Silver. “They have their look ready, even though they aren’t certain of whether they will actually have a seat days before the event.”

After being invited celebrities need to pay to play honey its not free!

Typically cooperate giants like Apple and Warner bros buy tables at the MET gala—these cost a cool $250,000 and could go upward to 500,000. Afterwards, they invite celebrities to join them at their table- Anna Wintour of course would have to vet selected celebrities

The tables are also very competitive, Big brands with Money need to start lobbying early enough to get a slot- Most of the time, they have a working relationship with Vogue Magazine buying millions of dollars in ad slots

Designers also buy tables to seats their “Muse”

Designers would choose famous celebrities that best represent their brand, and design their MET gala looks for free- Its the designers responsibility to buy tables for the celebrities promoting their designs at the MET

Some celebrities who dont get tables paid for by cooperate sponsors or designers would have to fork out a cool $35,000 US dollars to attend the event- and if you dont get a free gown , then add hair, makeup and costume to that cost- its definitely a very expensive girls night out!

According to sources, If you’re lucky enough to win Wintour’s seal of approval, and get an invite make sure you don’t miss a bash — ever. Beyonce skipped the MET last minute in 2017 and has never returned on the guest list.

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