H&M monkey in the jungle racist ad + 4 commercials that made black people look dirty

H&M sales section featured an African American boy in a hooded jersey with a message inscription, coolest monkey in the jungle. The advertisement was found to be severely racist especially since two other hoodies from the same line, one with the slogan “survival expert” and another with a collage of animals were modeled by white children.

H&M issued an apology on Tuesday (Jan. 9) admitting that they have fallen short in the department of promoting diversity due to their inability to be conscious of all racial and cultural discernment.

The twitter outrage was swift, people calling for boycott of the H& M brand. Celebrities also added their voice to the controversy. Footballer Lukaku, the weekend, LeBron James, ijessewilliams and more have called out H & M for being insensitive.

More cases of racially insensitive ads

Chinese White Wash; an attractive looking black guy splattered in paint was stuffed into a washing machine. He was given a few minutes of spin, then the machine was opened. He came out a white Chinese boy, that’s simply saying that black is dirty. The company behind the ad was unapologetic, calling global media too sensitive.
My Goodness. There is no better way to explain racism

Snowz: being white makes you win.

A beauty product that helps maintain skin whitening used black face to promote their product.

So an Asian star who stopped taking care of her skin got black, and lost her fans to a younger, brighter star.  She took the snowz pill and went white again. The ad ended by touting you need white skin to win. On Friday evening, Seoul Secret creators of the product and ad pulled the video from its online platforms and issued a statement

“(We) would like to apologize for the mistake and claim full responsibility for this incident. Our company did not have any intention to convey discriminatory or racist messages,”

Dove Advert: To show how dove makes you glow, a black woman was made to take off her brown T-shirt to reveal a white woman in white T. shirt.

Then the same set of activities occurred;

Outrage, A call for boycott( usually temporal) , An apology , images taken down from the company’s website.- then wait for the controversy to die

Intel racist ads

This picture is not quite what you think but it just gave off a bad impression. Intel wanted an ad that showed off how fast its processors were. Well, what symbolizes speed better than sprinters about to set off?

Because speedy processors are used in an office scene, the ad was shot in an office. With a white man as the boss. But the image above tells an entirely different story.  Intel pulled the ad and apologized for it saying it did not deliver the intended message.


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