Her royal highness Eugenie of York married a ”commoner” – here what her life looks like now


Princess Eugenie who is ninth in line to the Throne is Queen Elizabeth grand daughter. but she is a minor royal and does not conduct official tours overseas on behalf of her Majesty the queen like her cousins William and Harry.

Irrespective, unlike Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton, she is blue blood-“born royal”

Her husband Jacks-Brooks Bank is a regular guy who works for George Clooney’s liquor Casamigos, he has a well paying job as the European brand Manager for the Liquor company

Following her marriage to a “commoner”, Eugenie has opted to keep her royal title but take her husband’s name as well, becoming HRH Princess Eugenie, Mrs. Jack Brooks-bank. Her husband Jack, 32, will not be granted any royal titles, hence their kids would be “commoners”

This is unlike Meghan and Harry- his wife became a Duchess (Duchess of Sussex) and their kids would inherit the title

Where would the couple live?

Like most extended members of the royal family, The couple have moved into a Crown Estate property (Ivy Cottage) at Kensington Palace in London,  with all the lovely perks that ensues. Yes, they are paying a ‘commercial rent’ on the cottage, but the actual amount they would  pay would only be a tiny fraction of the actual cost.

A similar property in the area would cost around £7,000 a week — £364,000 a year.

In the meantime, the couple have reportedly become quite close with next-door neighbors, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. According to Andrew Morton’s biography, Eugenie and Meghan have bonded ‘over a shared love of art, dogs and late-night macaroni suppers’.

Meghan Markel married to Harry (6th in line to the throne) would gain titles ( Duchess of Sussex) her kids would be prince and princesses, and the world would be her stage.

But princess Eugenie can’t enjoy the same for her family because she is a female, her royal benefits would continue to wane, there would be no titles and perks for her husband and kids-  Feminists, over to you.

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