Haters. unhappy slay queens. relationship experts… the various groups of reactions to #assurance #porshe #Davido

Davido is taking President Buhari’s thunder. Earlier today he was shaking hands with United States president Trump and all we can talk about is OBO.

First he releases a song for his girlfriend on her birthday, then he buys her a porshe. While Nigerians were  still trying to catch their breath, he drops the music video for assurance.

He has shut down the news cycle. (Chioma) is trending, her song (assurance) is also trending. Everyone is talking about the cost of her new car ( Porsche) and her boyfriend (Davido) who made it all happen.

Here’s is  how various groups of Nigerians are reacting to the story.

The Unhappy Slay queens 

Some babes right now are looking looking at their men like dude you can do better

A twitter user @Omablue lamented to no one in particular: Davido bought chioma a Porsche worth 45m. common iPhone I asked you for and  you will say i  am materialistic…thunder fire you there
The backlash got her to delete the message but you can imagine she speaks the minds of so many slay queens who think “bae” needs to step up.

The witches and wizards

Some people are simply convinced it can only be jazz (black Magic) that would make Davido to be so in love with Chioma. maybe its because good things don’t  come to them naturally except they pay a visit to Babalawo.


Well, it takes a witch to know a witch

The well wishers

We are grateful that people like this still exist. It’s hard these days to see someone in Nigeria that can say a good prayer for you without throwing some shade. This group only have good wishes and prayers for Davido and chioma

In response to Linda’s twitter post, Richard responded by showering prayers.

Misogynist men

For the men who believe that women belong in the kitchen or bedroom, Davido has given them ammunition, they now think that girls are commodities that can be bought with a porshe if they cook, behave well and tolerate all the cheating + baby mamas

Some one anonymously commented – Money is not Love. If you’re broke, your girl will threaten to leave you for liking another girl’s picture on IG . But Chioma stayed through 2 Baby Mamas . She deserves the Porsche.

The relationship experts

Like every blog has the Davido story, so the comment sections is filled with Aristotle(s). Everyone is offering up words of wisdom, etc.

@ Lilo  also comments ” I can’t for the life of me take a 25 yr old with 3 baby mamas seriously. This too shall pass. Chichi- now is the time to double up on the pill

The Haters 

 These unbelievers think  chioma is nothing but a gold digger sticking around after two side chicks because  there is money to spend.

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