Has 93 year old Robert Mugabe been overthrown? 7 facts about the Zimbabwean crisis

This morning, the military in Zimbabwe neutralized all the centers of power. They took over the media, the courts and the parliament, Then they gave a press briefing releasing a statement that this was no coup but a restoration to law and order.

Here are seven facts about the Zimbabwean political Crisis

  1. Coup or no coup? Soldiers block off access to the courts, parliaments and Media.

It looks like a military coup, it smells like a Military coup, but the army says it’s not a coup.

As soldiers patrolled the streets, a military spokesman in a live speech at 4 a.m. local time denied the country has been taken over by the military and announced Mugabe and his family were “safe.”

“To both our people and the world beyond our borders, we wish to make it abundantly clear that this is not a military takeover of government,” Maj. Gen. S.B. Moyo said.

He urged the public to remain calm but “limit unnecessary movement.” The military also stated any confrontation would be met with a tough response. They still call Robert Mugabe the Head of State, the commander in chief and the president of Zimbabwe.  #issoright

    2) Gucci Grace ( Grace Mugabe)  is alleged to have caused the Crisis

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe’s wife Grace greets supporters at a rally in Lupane about 170 Kilometres north of Bulawayo, Friday, July, 21, 2017. 

Grace Mugabe the wife of the president is fingered to have caused the crisis.  She is called Gucci grace because of her shopping sprees and attitudes that seems out of touch with the Zimbabwean people.

She was hungry for power and realized if her husband passed away she would be kicked out. Robert Mugabe is a dying man at 93. He spends most of his time outside the country receiving medical treatment.

She has been the one making executive decisions.

  3) Sacking the first vice president was supposed to pave the way

Emmerson Mnangagwa the main vice president of the country and a military veteran is a very powerful man. He fought alongside Mugabe for Zimbabwean independence even sharing a prison cell with him. He is highly revered and enjoys massive military support. He has worked alongside Mugabe for the past 40years.

Zimbabweans were shocked with his firing which was supposed to pave the way for Grace Mugabe to step in and rule

Zimbabwe Army General Constantino Chiwenga / AFP PHOTO / Jekesai NJIKIZANA

4) The military gave a warning:

After the sacking of the vice president,  The Army chief General Constantino Chiwenga gave a statement  on Monday

“We must remind those behind the current treacherous shenanigans that when it comes to matters of protecting our revolution, the military will not hesitate to step in,

The military are in support of the vice presidents.




 5) It’s an inside the party coup.

The ruling party in Zimbabwe (Zanu PF) is made up of two factions already fighting for succession of Mugabe who is old and unfit to rule anymore.

The Lacoste faction (meaning Crocodile) is in support of fired vice president. The Lacoste faction heavily made up of war veterans and ex-military members.

The G40 faction is made up of younger people who support grace Mugabe to succeed her husband. The G40 did not enjoy the support of the army.

6) The ministers aligned with grace Mugabe has been arrested

The prominent members of G40 who support Grace Mugabe has been arrested. This includes cabinet ministers. Finance minister and high ranking members of the police force. Finance minister and neutralized the cabinet of the Robert Mugabe.

7) An uneasy calm and mixed feelings

A Harare resident, who wished not to be named for security reasons, described the city to CNN as “very quiet” In the hours before the announcement, eyewitnesses reported seeing around 100 troops on the streets of downtown Harare.

The resident added that there was a sense of “excitement in the air” and that social media was humming over what’s happening. Though this is unconfirmed, it is said that Mugabe would resign and his wife would be allowed to leave the country.

Damn, Mugabe is such an intelligent man, but he allowed his wife to confuse him, am sure she is the one who kept him in power.

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