#GOT Battle of the Queens – Three predictions on episode 4

Episode 4 trailer has made it clear that this is the battle of the Queens Only Cersei and Dany speaks at the trailer

We have won the great war, Now we will win the last war “- Daenarys.

We would cut her off root and stem”( Cersie)  

Some predictions for Episode 4

Surprise alliances may show up for Daenarys

Dany is clearly weaker, she has lost her Dothraki warriors, most of her unsullied soldiers and from the episode 4 trailer one of her dragon Rheagal is badly wounded- to proceed on her war she would clearly need alliances- Yara Grey Joy of the Iron islands is the only alliance still alive.

She may also get a surprise alliance from Daario Naharis- The fearless leader of the second sons. Remember he was Dany’s lover she left behind in Meereen because she did not want unnecessary distraction as she tried to take the Iron throne.

A propaganda of lies, people as shields, a possible wedding- all part of Cersie weapons

Cersie would spread lies against Dany paint her as the dragon queen that wants to burn the city down. In season 4 trailer she could be seen allowing the people to come into the red Keep – As though she wants to protect them.

She may be trying to use the people as a shield because Dany cannot burn the red-keep with civilians inside.

She may even Marry Euron Grey Joy to keep him close and humanize her brand in the presence of the people

Cersie may use wild fire to burn the city to the ground if she thinks she would loose the war

In the battle of black water; they used wildfire to stop Stannis, at the Sept of Bailor, Cersie used wild fire to kill off all her enemies. Westeroes still has a large store of wild fire- even in the red keep. If she feels threatened, she would burn the city down – She has nothing to lose

Some more wild card / crazy predictions- episode three thought us that anything is possible – ANYTHING

  1. The Night King is still alive in Bran; During his last moments the both of them seem to be having a mind reading conversation.
  2. Bronn would kill Cersie with the archer he was supposed to use in Killing Tyrion and Jamie.
  3. Cersie would capture Dany- She has scorpions that can shoot down dragons, She may shoot down Cersie’s dragon ,capture her and then Daario may come to the rescue. (Her hand Qyburn made clear in episode 1 she had plans for the Thageryan girl) she may kill or badly injure one dragon.
  4. Euron Grey Joy will kill Cersie and Rule westeroes briefly

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