Girl who lives in a van with her pet snake becomes an Instant YouTube sensation with millions of followers

Pretty Elliana Janelle is completely unreal- her real life only exists in the movies. How many girls are damned hot, have beautiful hair and live in a blue van with a pretty white pet snake ( she calls him Alfredo) . Oh wait, she also lives with her dead and cremated cat.

Like guys,  she legit has a white pet snake that crawls all around her coily hair- she refers to herself as the single mum to the snake

She became an instant sensation when she posted a video to her YouTube channel giving viewers a tour of her home in the Van.

Her Van which she has lived in for 2 years comes fully fitted with a kitchen, bedroom – Make shift toilet and a home for her pet snake. She installed Solar panels on the roof top of her bus to power her phone, charge up batteries and other electricals .

She is keen on preserving the environment so everything she uses is biodegradable, She does not use plastics , because it destroys the ocean. She is just a cool girly girl.

Watch her Van tour.

Judging from the three videos on YouTube that earned her 1.6million followers, 21-year-old Jenelle is independent, financially Savvy and hands on.

She made it clear that she bought a Van because she did not want to pay rent, rather she saved up money and bought her van on Craig list for 2,500 dollars.  She then proceeded to demolish the interior and deck it out her self using equipment from the office where she works her part time job.

The way she sorted out her wardrobe and personal effects within such a small space is really inspiring. She also keeps a taser and pocket knife in her van to keep herself safe.

She is independently taking herself through college, but recently dropped out to do some “soul searching

She Makes her money working part time and sells her second hand clothes under the hashtag- Jenelle gas money. Her YouTube Videos are presently being monetized, she is set to become one of the rich YouTubers as her page is still growing

About moving into a proper apartment in future

She lives in California where Van dwelling is pretty common- especially due to the temperate weather, She has no plans of moving into an apartment anytime soon.

The response to the growth of her YouTube channel-(1.6 million subscribers in 3 months left her really shocked

This past month, my world was flipped upside down and I’ve spent the past 2 weeks meditating and processing everything that’s been going on. So I apologize for my absence. But I’m back and wanted to say THANK YOU FOR ONE MILLION subscribers. I never in a million years would have thought that I would ever come close to reaching that number, especiallly in such a short amount of time. So thank you so so so much.

Fast forward few weeks after her message, her page has grown again by over 600,000 subscribers

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