#Georgefloyd- Black lives matter also applies to black gangs killing each other

When brothers from different families clash, each side will defend each other passionately on the battle field, but when they get home they will tell each other some hard truths about their role in the conflict.

Thats exactly what i am doing…

The image below is from West Papua, which is located on the island of New Guinea. West Papua is under Indonesian occupation and their white (Indonesian) overlords treat them like substandard human beings, this is still happening in 2020

My point is that black people are discriminated on everywhere.

We all chant black lives matter, in solidarity with stories we know #georgefloyd and the stories blacked out from the internet #westernpapua

but how do we work together to end racism when, black countries, government and people hate & discriminate on each other so much.

Picture the level of tribalism in Nigeria to get a picture of how much black people hate each other. we all claim different tribes and culture hence find a reason to disagree.

In America, where there are no native tribes, so black people create gangs- at least we have an excuse to be rivals.

Today lets look at black on black killing in hip-hop culture


The 20-year-old rapper was shopping for motorcycles in South Florida , while leaving the leaving the motorcycle dealer, two gunman ran up to his vehicle, a scuffle ensued and gunshots followed.

The suspects made off with a Louis Vuitton bag and $50k in cash, we cant tell if its a gang related killing- but the police have arrested four black men conspiring to kill another black man

XXX tentacion when he was alive got into multiple feuds and fights with gang members and fellow rappers. He had a troubled child hood and stints in juvenile facilities

POP smoke

Pop Smoke was another US rapper on the rise gunned down before he could give all he had to offer- He was the new kid on the block scoring collaborations featuring Quavo and the Migos

he was killed in his Spanish-styled Hollywood hills home after returning from a late night party. Around 4 a.m., soon after he came home, the police said, four men in hoodies broke in and shot him twice. A bullet to the torso left the promising 20-year-old musician dead.

Many suspect his killing was a targeted job, none of his friends who were home at the time was killed and nothing of value was taken away from his home.

Nicki Minaj & 50cents sent cryptic condolence messages that suggests its an inside job from people who knew him personally

Nicki Minaj – The Bible tells us that jealousy is as cruel as the grave. Unbelievable. Rest In Peace, Pop.

50 cents- No such thing as success without jealousy, treachery comes from those who are close. R.I.P

Nipsey Hussle,

Ermias Asghedom(Nipsey Hussle) and Eric Holder both grew up in the same Los Angeles neighborhood, were both part of the gang known as the Rollin’ 60s, and were both aspiring rappers.

Nipsey Hussle, would go on to become a hip-hop star, neighborhood legend and local hero. Holder’s music never caught on. Eric Holder was jealous of Nipsey for years. Nipsey was everything Eric Holder wish he was.

On March 31, 2019, Nipsey and Holder met again outside Nipsey’s clothing stores. one thing led to another and Eric Holder shot Nipsey, killed him kicked his head twice.

A medical examiner testified that Hussle was shot at least 10 times by child hood friend Eric Holder with rounds piercing his lungs and severing his spinal cord. Police found eight casings from a .40-caliber pistol at the scene, and six bullets were pulled from Hussle’s body.

His death hit the community really hard because Nipsey was big in philanthropy and rehabilitating gang members into the society

Dont even get me started on The biggie and Tupac- east coast west coast beef and all.

They used to be friends by the way, but like the typical black man, they found a reason to hate and kill each other.

Black lives matter…

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