Game of thrones: 7 big reveals from leaked episodes!

Incase you have not heard, hackers found their way into HBO systems and leaked some upcoming episodes in the seventh season of  “Game of Thrones” 

According to BBC reports (view here) the hackers are demanding an unnamed amount of money.

while the drama is ongoing, we have screen grabbed some hot tea from the leaks.  Enjoy!


Sanza would sentence little finger to death

And Arya would carry out the execution.

How it happened:

Remember when Ned stark was arrested in Kings Landing, Cersei made Sanza write a letter to her brother Rob asking him to swear allegiance to Joffrey so her father’s life would be spared. Cerci dictated what Sanza wrote in the Letter. She had to comply to save her own life.

Little finger leaked these letters to Arya in an attempt to get she and Sanza fighting against each other; an action that cost him his life.


Jon Snow would try to capture a “wight”

Jon snow needed to rally Westeros rulers to surrender their army in the fight against the white walkers. He decided to kidnap a white walker to convince them the threat is real and the army of the dead is coming.

He teams up with the hound, gentry, thoros, Jorah and a couple of unknown characters.

The mission turns out to be more dangerous than anticipated. The all almost get killed until Dany and her three dragons come to the rescue.


There would be a zombie dragon.

As the mother of Dragons fought off the wights to save Jon snow and his men, The White king takes a spear made of crystal ice and launches it into the dragon’s neck.

Viscerous the dragon named after Dany’s brother is caught by the spear. He plunges under the cold water and drowns.  The white King resurrects him as a zombie dragon.


Tyrion secretly meets with his brother Jamie and bronn

They meet in Davos, Tyrion tries to convince  Jamie to surrender to Danny


Sam, Gilly & baby would head back to Winterfell

Sam has probably figured out the magic it takes to make valyrian steel. Gendry, Robert Baratheon’s bastard who was also a blacksmith would remerge and assist sam in moulding the weapons that would be needed to fight the white walkers.


Jon and Dany have sex on a boat headed North;




Jamie would abandon cersei and head towards the north

According to the leaked Script, Jamie rides north, without the large army he commands or the Lannister’s Uniform. He stops, looks back and takes a long last look at the red keep then continues riding off without staring back.

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