G20 summit – 7 hilarious Trump moments in pictures & videos


1) When two dictators who allegedly kill journalist meet, That some high powered Bromance

Russian president Vladimir Putin and Saudi crown prince were really into each other, clapping high fives, looking into each others eyes. Twitter could not get over this- more like show me your friend and i would tell you who you are

3) Trump inflated baby balloon also visits Argentina-

This inflatable orange Trump baby started as a protest in the UK, but ever since it has been adopted across the United States, France and now Argentina for the G7 summit. Can everyone just leave this man alone, no wonder he was in such a sour mood throughout the Summit

4) You have been  a very bad boy Bin Salman;

Actually the French president Emmanuel Macron  pressed the crown prince to allow international investigation into the murder if Journalist khashoggi

5) Common Donald, Climate change is real. put some American dollars on it.

6) Trump abandoned his host Argentine president and walked off the stage


7) Argentine president Macri is a very fine man (In Trump’s voice)  a really fine young  man…we have been friends for a long time

inside the mind of the Argentine president-  I know you Donald, you praise me this minute and the next…i dont know

8) All by myself (sad music)

9) The Gala Diner- below is no ordinary photo. leaders and their wives stand in formation of their economy size and military might- cannot quite find our African representatives- (Kigame & SA president)

Most definitely Trump stole the show

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