Fulani herdsmen Massacres ; 7 insane reactions from Nigerian leadership

The Fulani herdsmen are obviously getting bolder…

The Officer-in-Charge of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS, Saki Unit in Oyo State Police Command, has been killed by them. He was said to have been machete to death by the Fulani herdsmen during an operation in a forest on the Saki-Ogbooro Road in Oke-Ogun area of the state.

Even highly placed political figures are being threatened . Ben Murray Bruce, Senator representing Bayelsa East has raised an  alarm on alleged plans by suspected Fulani herdsmen to attack him.

Parents are loosing children , wives are wailing over dead husbands, homes means of livelihood are being lost. cold blooded murder, death and tears .

So how is the Nigerian leadership reacting to these

obvious terrorists?

The Nigerian senate are still holding committee meetings & planning security summits;

As people are butchered in numbers, The Senate President, Bukola Saraki has flagged off a National security summit. According to him, it’s about contributing ideas and views on how to solve the problem. He clearly stated that the executive cannot do it alone.

The Senate committee on national security are also still investigating and putting reports together.

Guys, Agatu killings the deadliest massacre where thousands lost their lives to Fulani herdsmen happened in 2016, and in 2018 we are still drinking bottled water and juice in the name of security summits.  #Clueless

Governor Wike visited Benue with 200 million, a visit to the grave site and strong words for the presidency.

We are impressed but you should have left your press team and photo opportunities behind so your good works would be recorded in heaven. #2019 elections

#commonsense senator plays the blame game- as usual

According to Senator Ben Bruce, it would have made more sense for the IGP to have declared people wanted within hours of the Benue Massacre than to have declared President Babangida’s spokesman wanted within hours of issuing IBB’s statement. None is declared wanted for killings. One is declared wanted for truth!

Well I agree, but can you vent your frustration on the floor of the senate by sponsoring a bill for his immediate dismissal, demand accountability and results,  take the president to court, call for an impeachment. show some clout . #Twitter Senator.

The police displaying gross incompetence.

The face-off between the Nigerian police and Benue state government took a new twist on Tuesday as the public relations officer of the force, Jimoh Moshood, described Governor Samuel Ortom as a “drowning man”.

Mr Moshood said this on a breakfast television program, Sunrise Daily, aired on Channels Television.

“We don’t join issues with a drowning man, Governor Ortom is a drowning man,” he said when asked to comment on the governor’s recent statement. The Benue governor had in a statement urged the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, to resign over his handling of the killings in his state by suspected herdsmen.

First the police force does not seem to recognize that they have failed Benue State, Secondly Jimoh Ibrahim the police PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER does not know his role is to calm frayed nerves, make the police look good; rather he is up in the news making inciting statements!

The State Governor has called on Benue citizens to pick up arms and fight.

Benue State governor, Samuel Ortom has called on the people of the state to brace up to defend themselves in the face of incessant killings by the herdsmen.

The Governor who spoke on a radio programme titled, ‘issue of the moment’ regretted that the statements credited to the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris blaming the anti-open grazing law for the New Year attacks has rather encouraged the herdsmen to continue with their attack on the state.

He also lamented the inability of the security operatives to stop the killings and arrest the killers as well as the perpetrators of the New Year killings.

According to him, “I think the people should have the right to defend themselves and not make themselves easy prey to be killed in their homes. “We are not going to wait for the Inspector General of Police, IGP, to do it.”

I would agree with the Police PRO that the State Governor is indeed a drowning man.It’s been 3 years of Massacre under your watch. Go hire outside machineries from where ever and protect your state. – I think it’s clear the Nigerian army is not on your side

President Buhari had the simplest message for the victims-   “Don’t fight back

He quoted this during his just concluded visit to Nassarawa state.

” I appeal to all Nigerian to refrain from attacks. The security agencies have standing instructions to arrest and prosecute any and all persons found with illegal arms”

I assume that means citizens who need to protect themselves in their farms, at home or in the market would be arrested for carrying arms – even if it’s for self defense. this is not the first time the president is calling for restraint.

The herdsmen have come to kill, destroy and wreak lives, they have brought nightmare and tears to numerous families. President Buhari has neither declared them a terrorist group nor brought the full force of the Nigerian army upon them.  we must vote him out in 2019

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