Fight day- Here are the odds for and against Nigeria’s Anthony Joshua

In June Andy Ruiz took away all Anthony Joshua’s belts in his first ever international fight – WBA, WBO, IBF and IBO belts, today at the rematch in the sandy Dunes of Saudi Arabia, everything he worked for is at stake. If he loses this fight- his career is done.

Odds against him

  • Joshua may be mentally weak entering into the fight – he has everything to lose, If he loses this fight, his career is over. the desire to win the fight may inspire him to make changes too drastic that will cost him the fight
  • Speaking of changes, Anthony Joshua has lost so much weight while Ruiz is heavier, Joshua is lighter, this maybe a terrible idea according to Mike Tyson. Ruiz is 15 Ibs heavier than first fight while Aj is 10,8 IBS lighter
  • Andy Ruiz has a lethal combination of strong and quick punches- Unlike Anthony Joshua, he got his training on the streets of mexico fighting rival gangs
  • Andy Ruiz is expecting a different strategy from Anthony Joshua and he is ready for it.

I think he is going to be boxing around, using his distance, try to Jab me around but its my job to stop him

Andy Ruiz

Odds in favor of Anthony Joshua

  • Hopefully, Ruiz new fame and the fact he won the last fight may get to his head- more press, more fans, more interviews, he is just getting into the fame – hopefully he has not handled it well enough to focus on the rematch (lol, wishful thinking)
  • Anthony Joshua has been fighting a mental game for a long time to hold his undefeated records. mentally, he may be good
  • He may have taken Andy Ruiz for granted in the first match, especially because he was a last minute replacement, but now he realizes how dangerous he is- he would leave everything on the boxing ring.
  • He’s been sparring- real boxing matches with real opponents to keep his muscles twitching and ready for the fight.

Personally I am not watching the match, it will be a perfect cocktail for high blood pressure. I will sleep, wake up and ask who won- and If Anthony Joshua loses, am going right back to sleep.

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