Falz AKA Folarin Falana… A true son of his father.

Falz and his father Femi Falana share similar traits of a true activists…

They dont just complain, they act. they demand change, They are stubborn, persistent and fearless, They cannot help themselves, they are drawn to their cause.

FEMI FALANA (SAN) is one of  Nigeria’s popular human right activist today . He was Fela’s lawyer, and has continued to fight for the right of Nigeria after Fela passed away-  the quote below summarizes what he stands for…

In a display of class solidarity with the ruling class the EFCC charges the rich accused of looting the treasury with money laundering while the poor are charged with stealing- Femi Falana

In addition to calling out the Nigerian government oppressive policies, he is the voice of the voiceless. His firm has also represented many victims of human rights violation in Nigerian Courts and the ECOWAS Community Court. (he was also Fela- Kuti’s lawyer). not surprising, only an activist that defend another

The apple does not fall too far from the tree

A comical character popularly known as Falz showed up in the Nigeria entertainment scene.  He was famous for jokes like “Ello Bae”. though he had some finesse, he called his comical side brother Taju.

It was quite a shock when many discovered he was the son of Human rights activist Femi Falana- many wondered if his dad would be proud of him. Falz went ahead to become an entertainment Juggernaut- Movies, music, comedy…

An activist slowly unleashed –

We got a bit of insight into the mind of Falz when he condemned Nice and other musicians who glorify yahoo boys, that was in 2017.


In 2018, Falz as a seasoned and respected entertainer got bolder…His messages became, stronger, more meaningful

He partnered with Laila to interview presidential aspirants, he was seen multiple times looking disappointed when he felt the aspirants were not bringing any real value to the table

This is Nigeria – Need we say more…

Child of the world- A track that brings to light- Poverty, rape and suicide in one story

It felt like he had reached his peak as an artist so wanted to talk about issues that really mattered to him, growing up with a father who felt strongly about human rights may have also had its influence on Falz.

Falz in 2019… #Talk , #moral instruction, He has got everyone talking

One of the characters of an activist is that they cannot help themselves, they are drawn to their cause like a magnet, just like the Falana(s).  #blood

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