Easter Eggs & Bunnies have pagan roots-Details

“You shall have no other gods before Me.” (Exodus 20:3)

An idol is anything or anyone who takes the place of God in our lives. It is anything—an object, idea, philosophy, habit, occupation, sport, or person—that is your primary concern, or that to any degree decreases your trust and loyalty to God.

During Christmas, we are overtly focused on the Christmas trees and during Easter, we are overtly focused on the Easter eggs and bunnies and getting our kids to have the best time ever with an Easter egg hunt

These important Christian moments have been commercialized to the extent that the spiritual meaning is lost.

Yesterday, My 7 year old son was all pumped for the Easter egg. I declared no Egg hunt until he can tell the story and significance of Easter (Again)

Somehow he got Judas and Peter mixed up- apparently all he could think of was the caramel filled bunny and marshmallow dripped chocolate.

Where did Easter Bunny & eggs really come from

Its not mentioned anywhere in the bible, It came from an ancient Romanian goddess Eostre or ostara

She is claimed to be the Goddess that brings spring, sunlight and fertility after winter. there are many versions about her story, but most popular Pagan Folklore has it that once upon a time, she came late for spring and found a frozen bird. To save the frozen bird, she transformed it into a rabbit. But because the rabbit was previously a bird, it can still lay eggs.

Now this part is creepy…but listen: Pagans (devil worshipers) have a wheel of celebration every year and one of such celebrations is the Spring Equinox, when they celebrate the coming of spring and the spring goddess Ostara

Below is the Pagan calendar including celebration of Ostara spring goddess.

In honor of the spring goddess of fertility,part of the Ostara Pagan celebrations includes painting eggs. pagans generally view eggs as a symbol of rebirth and new life.

So in summary…

I think Christians must choose between the Bunny & egg or just plain old fashioned Easter celebrations- its hard though, kids and the Easter bunny peer pressure

I remember the type of Easter celebrations I was exposed to in my Anuty’s house growing up- fasting and prayers, saying the rosary, ash Wednesday, sign of the cross, no meat on good Fridays when Jesus was crucified. And that delicious Jellof rice or Resurrection Sunday- ( After a very long day church of course).

By the way, Halloween is a Pagan holiday- feast of samhain, a day when the dead comes back to life and mingle with the living- read below

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