Dr Sebi’s death: Murder or conspiracy theory – We have investigated (view similar cases)


As the drama surrounding the death of Nipple Hussle rages on, Dr Sebi and herbal medicine has taken center stage;  Several conspiracy theories suggest that Nipple Hussle died because of his  documentary on Dr Sebi- a documentary that would have brought the work of herbal practitioners into the mainstream media.

But of course we have many Naysayers who have dismissed these claims as nothing but conspiracy theories

Could there be a motive to kill Dr Sebi

Medical vaccines make over $25 billion and cancer drugs over $100 billion yearly. Its alleged that the American government need to protect their bread at all costs,  many pharmaceuticals giants would go down with the rise of Holistic and  Herbal healers who offer mostly nutrition based treatments that are cheaper and less destructive to the body

Do we have other victims besides Dr Sebi-

Investigative Journalist Erin Elizabeth did exhaustive work in connecting the dots on over 80  +holistic doctors who died mysteriously since 2015 . most of them were found dead in the most questionable circumstances, its alleged that the deaths are all connected. Look very closely you will find Dr Sebi in her list


Lets review two cases –

Dr Bradstreet:

Was a holistic doctor who found out through exhaustive research that certain vaccines could induce Autism. He ended up testifying twice about this before the US Congress.
Secondly, he was working with a new protein compound that was greatly relieving, if not outright curing, cancer and other diseases 
In 2015 his body was found in a river at North Carolina with a gunshot wound to his chest- they claimed it was suicide.
Just three days before his death, Bradstreet’s research facility had been raided by U.S. government agents to shut down his research and halt his treatment of patients. 


Dr Nicholas Gonzalez

Was a doctor who treated Cancer with natural remedies and nutrition, he did not believe in the pharmaceutical drugs because it had enormous side effects . According to him, chemotherapy did not work for all types of cancers. his cure was natural and non invasive

In 2015  a healthy Nick Gonzalez died of heart attacks but autopsy showed no evidence that he suffered from a cardiac arrest –  within  the period of his death, 11 cancer doctors with break through discoveries that go against pharmaceutical medicine allegedly died mysteriously

And Doctor Sebi…


He has had his fair share of persecutions, we was arrested and jailed for claiming that he had the cure to HIV and AIDS, a battle that went all the way to the supreme court. He won after producing overwhelming evidence.

Many years later, Dr. Sebi (82-years-old ) was arrested at the Airport for alleged money laundering. According to the police, he was trying to board a plane with his business partner Pablo Medina Gamboa, and (allegedly) had $37,000 cash in his suitcase.

Although he was released a few days later, he was arrested again by the Public Ministerio (the Honduran equivalent of the FBI) for money laundering and remained in prison where it was claimed he developed pneumonia. It was reported that he died en route to the hospital

Dr Sebi’s Murder- Conspiracy theory or facts? – it depends on who is reading, but it seems like there is no money in a cure (not that i am suggesting anything) 


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