Does Luka Modric deserve to win the Ballon d’or- Fans nominate their own winners( see stats)


Real Madrid and Croatia midfielder  Luka Modric broke Messi & Cristiano’s long decade grasp on #Ballon d’or- the most prestigious award in football But not everyone is giving him a standing ovation.

Soccer fans have come with conspiracy theories about why  Luka Modric is being overrated

  • To break the DUOPOLY of Ronaldo and Messi
  • Ronaldo did not win it because they dont want him to overtake Messi
  • Fifa bored with Messi & Ronaldo winning it

Football fans are having their say- it seems Luka Modric have very few voices on his side

So who deserves to win- most fans still believe in the usual suspects 

Lionel Messi-2017/ 2018 season = 54 appearances, 45 goals , 18 assists…. (transfer market)

When your gift is your curse. people are so used to Messi's genius that they no longer appreciate it for what it is.- @oxley_9

He won 3 titles  LaLiga, Copa De Ray & Spanish Supercup

Other awards include the Golden boot, top scorer and top assist, some find it astonishing that inspite of his best efforts he finished 5th in the final rankings

Ronaldo – 2017/ 2018 ; 44 appearances, 44 goals , 8 assists. Champions league Trophy

Ronaldo missed about 11 games in Laliga last season due to suspensions and Zinedine Zidane’s decision to rest him for the Champions League. inspite of that he finished as second highest goal scorer after messi. he scored second in the final rankings

Soccer fans still believe  the Duopoly of Messi & Ronaldo should have clinched the Ballon d ‘or award,  In fact for the first time Messi & Ronaldo fans collectively agree on something.

If they cant have Messi or Ronaldo, Fans would rather settle for

Antonio Grizemann;

@ mmotala24- Griezmann has been one of the most underrated players over the last few seasons

An impressive array of trophies the-  Europa League, The World Cup and Supa cup. A lot of fans feel if not Messi or C

Kylian Mbappe: 46 appearances, 21 goals, 15 assist

 First to ever score 10 goals for France before turning 20. Most goals by a french player in a single year since Henry in 03.

Mbappe came 4th in the final rankings and also snagged the ballon d’or youngest player award. some fans rather he wins the main award over Modric

So what do you think, Does Luka Modric deserve the Ballon d’ or award?

Luka Modrick won the UEFA Champions League with Real Madrid and captained Croatia to the world cup final

Speaking to BBC Sport, Modric dedicated the award to all of the other players who have missed out in the 10 years dominated by Messi and Ronaldo.

“Maybe in the past there are some players who could have won the Ballon d’Or like Xavi, Andres Iniesta or [Wesley] Sneijder but people finally now are looking at someone else,” he said.

“This award is for all the players who probably deserved to win it and didn’t. It was a really special year for me.

At the end of the day,  Its clear the criteria for selection was not about number of goals scored.

That means defenders and midfielders may now be given a chance to shine as well. Irrespective of who ever won, Naysayers would always emerge and call the system rigged.

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