DJ Cuppy says Nigeria is great – is she privileged or patriotic -(see reactions)

As part of the Independence day festivities in Nigeria, notable figures in politics , music and entertainment would take to social media with a patriotic tweet, some may go as far as unveiling  a photo-shoot  in country colors –  stuff like that.

When Cuppy cashed in on the moment to wish her fans a happy independence day, am not sure she anticipated the backlash that followed. see her tweet below


Some guys came for her on twitter- I think  the Wole guy  seriously need therapy- he sounds so angry with life

People also came to her defense.

My opinion quite frankly- She cannot keep apologizing because she is born into a rich family. Her tweet may have seemed tone deaf at that time, especially with the recent Jos killings.

It “would be nice” if she used her platform to speak about important issues and oppression in the country, but its not “Obligatory”. everybody must not be activist abeg


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