DJ Cuppy featuring Lax- Currency: Check out our ratings for the new track


Nigerian rich Kid AKA DJ Cuppy has released her much awaited single –“Currency” featuring recording artist Lax
So its rating time! – hot or not

What’s hot?

  1.  The video is really good, made to world class standards – Using a casino themed concept
  2.  She made good use of her voice, In-fact scrap the DJ from her profile, replace with musician
  3.  “Issa” very sensual type of music – good for small girls dancing with their big gods *winks*
  4.  It has a good hook that can be a social media meme or stay in our everyday conversation- Do you want   pond sterling babe mu- another currency (sounds like what an Igbo importer would say)

What’s cold?

  1. It may be a bit to slow for guys looking for a club banger
  2. I would not exactly put it on repeat- Her feature with techno “green light” still remains her best track till date

Our score board:

6/10.  It’s hot but not boiling over. Do you agree?

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