Did Davido steal wizkid’s thunder by proposing to Chioma on “Ghetto-love” drop date- (watch Ghetto love/ Proposal video)

Wizkid’s highly anticipated single “Ghetto Love“which just dropped last night has been met with mixed feelings. I mean its OK, not bad at all, but its probably one of those songs that need some time to get used to. The beats are sophisticated, and probably made with the intention of attracting an international audience.

But considering the hype, countdown and promo- many fans expected more- especially since he has not released a body of work this year.

While we were still arguing whether Wikzid’s new track is a hit or Miss, Davido proposed to his long time girlfriend Chioma- Same day as Ghetto love drop.

Any news concerning Davido’s highly publicized relationship makes the news and trends for hours- am sure he is fully aware of this.

He proposed to her late Thursday night/early Friday morning- the exact day that Wizkid’s ghetto Love was due to drop- trust me its no coincidence, Davido was probably planning to propose, but deliberately timed it to coincide with Ghetto love drop.

Yes o, he is that petty- call your lawyers and sue if u disagree with me. Do you remember when the news broke that JadaP was in an abusive relationship with Wizkid, Davido ran to Jada P’s page and started liking comments berating Wizkid. He is soo petty( LOL). Infact he started a paid hashtag #assurance2020 that trended briefly this morning.

Am on team Davido though- but we need to call him out sometimes.

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