Croatian boarder police mistake 2 Nigerian students athletes for immigrants and forcefully deport them to a migrant camp(video)

If you are in Europe or some other parts of the world, your passport documents had better be in your pockets or you could end up in jail or a Migrant container , thats the story of two Nigerians that travelled to Croatia for an international sports event.

Abia Uchenna Alexandro and Eboh Kenneth Chinedu, students at the Federal University of Technology Owerri in Nigeria arrived in Zagreb on 12 November to participate in the fifth World Inter Universities Championships, held this year in Pula, Croatia. They were supposed to represent Nigeria in the game of Table Tennis.

The 18-year-old table tennis players left Pula for Zagreb after the tournament, and were supposed to fly back to Lagos on 18 November. However, the night before their departure, while taking a walk in the Croatian capital they were stopped by two police officers who asked them for identification documents.

They tried to explain that their identification documents were at the hotel, but no one listened to them, they were forced into a van and taken to a Migrant camp in Bosnia- on gun point. Listen to them narrate their story below.

The Inter-University Sports Committee and the organiser of the competition in Pula said there were a total of five participants from Nigeria – four students and a professor – and confirmed they all had valid visas to be at Croatia for the games.

That means the only crime these young Nigeria men committed was being black in Croatia #racism

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