Corona Virus: China may be lying about casualty figures (see videos) + how the censor their media

Just incase you have been hiding in a cave- Corona-virus has been an ongoing conversation this year, here’s a visual summary of what its all about:

There is only one source for the official figures of death rates and infection cases- The Chinese state Media

According to the figures from the said Chinese Media; Death toll stands at 170 people while more than 8100 cases of infection cases, confirmed in mainland China (at the time of writing)

At least about 100 confirmed cases in 20 places outside of China has been reported. India and the Philippines just reported their first cases, while the United States & Germany just confirmed its first human to human transmission.

But many reports suggests that figures inside China cannot be trusted, China’s state media allegedly have a history of lying and cover-ups-(remember they lied when they were confronted about putting Muslims in concentration camps)

China is controlling the information that leaves the country, as journalists are not really allowed freedom to move around and investigate.

BBC’s Stephen McDonnell was recently kicked out of the country when he attempted to stray to far in his investigative reporting

China is also keeping their own media from getting too busy- 8 people were reportedly arrested for spreading the news when the Virus broke out initially.

China as we know right now is a totalitarian dictatorship- they control everything and have a tight grip on their media They spy on nearly 1.4 billion people to disturbing levels using phone scanners, facial-recognition cameras, face and fingerprint databases and many others extensive tools for authoritarian control.

China prohibits any form of criticism of the government and news that maligns the government in any way .

Facebook and Twitter is banned in China- they use Weibo or Wechat which is highly monitored by the state and offensive materials are taken down immediately.

The following videos leaked from China’s Weibo into mainstream social media demonstrating that indeed China is withholding information.

A medical staff at a hospital in Wuhan cried out on chinese social media weibo- she claimed people are dying like flies before their very eyes


A social media user share photos of tents that have now been used to quarantine infected persons

This picture now deleted from Chinese social media weibo shows victims lying on the floor


There are may other actions thay suggests that numbers may be worse than is being reported-

Infected persons to death ratios do not add up. The Chinese Media claim 8000 people are infected but only 170 people are dead- the ratio of (8000 infected : 170 dead) seems a bit unbalanced. especially while many videos show people dropping and dying on the streets like flies.

U.S. has made repeated offers to send a team of CDC officials to China to help with the outbreak response. The offer was first made on Jan 6th, but China has rejected any form of interference and has refused to allow US officials in china

The rest of the world is very muted in their response to the Chinese Virus

China is the world’s second world power after the United states, neighbors are very slow and hesitant in placing travel bans in order not to piss of the world second economic and military super power.

The world health organisation was very slow in declaring the situation a national health emergency.

Just check out Donald Trump reaction to the Virus versus his reaction to the Ebola Virus.

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