Ciara’s new album- Fans attack her for using an all white admin team

Ciara just recently released her latest album Beauty Marks, its been described as soulful and emotional though some fans believed she failed to reinvent herself

While promoting her album, she innocently took to social media to thank her team for a job well done- fans immediately spotted that the people that worked with her behind the scenes were almost all white- it seems like when black people “level up” – they recruit a white team to get things done


Ciara is really bossed up right now, In 2017 she launched her own record label beauty marks entertainment; now she follows her own creative direction and releases her music on her own terms.

Ciara is not the only one- in 2015, Jay Z shared a photo of his staff at Tidal Headquarters in Norway- They were almost all white and he got a huge backlash for it

What do you think, are people over reacting or do successful black people level up and recruit an all white team?

People are easily offended these days though- they complain about everything- Fat shaming, body shaming, racial slur, homophobia- If you have to talk or act as a public figure you must watch yourself!

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