Christian association Of Nigeria (CAN) is now a political party – 5 quick facts

There has been various school of thoughts about church and state. Nevertheless, the church is a bit careful not to get too involved in politics. But the Christian association of Nigeria (CAN) is extremely political, extremely powerful. When they talk a good number of Christian Nigerians listen and the government always tries to be on their good side.

The Christian value and teachings of Jesus does not reflect so much in their activities giving way to a CAN that is nothing short of a political party


Recently endorsing Ekiti State Governor for president

CAN has lauded Ekiti state Governor as a man with a vision to heal the country. They advised the governor not to be distracted by people who have nothing good to offer the country.

Fayose ‘s stomach infrastructure deploys poverty as a tool to hold people down. He shares yam, one chicken, small packs of rice and leverages it for photo opportunities. Yet state workers have not been paid for the past six months.

So Why is he CAN’s anointed one? Political interest or good of the people.

After they faced a massive backlash, they have since back tracked on their endorsement


They oppose anything that looks and smells like Islamic agenda, even if it’s for the greater good.

The Sukkuk Islamic bond is a Muslim principle of loan without credit. Developed nations of the world including USA & UK has embraced the system because of its progressive nature.

When the Buhari administration adopted it announcing the sale of 100billion sukkuk Islamic bonds to states, CAN went ballistic, they have insisted Buhari wants to sell Nigeria to the Arabs and is on the path to Islamize Nigeria. They even threatened to seek redress in court

The Nigerian government defended its decision to obtain Sukkuk bonds citing the benefit of zero interest loans for the economy. Everyone would benefit from it.

According to Vice president Yemi Osinbajo, Part of the problem is the failure of Christian leadership to take its rightful place. We focus our minds on something we call the Islamic agenda. We look for it everywhere as if we are looking for demons,” he reportedly said.

“But where is the Christian agenda? Are we not entitled to one? We are too divided as Christians to have an agenda. The key to the unity and progress of Nigeria is in the church.”

The Director of Muslim rights concern Prof Ishaq Akintola has come down hard on leadership of CAN to stop behaving like a spoilt child. I could not agree more. Its money without interest for development. Guys be more accommodating.


Islam is the opposition party…at least that’s how it sounds.

CAN leader’s response to the NNPC saga shows they see them versus us. But what happened to Jesus teaching of inclusiveness and loving others as yourself.

According to CAN secretary Rev Musa Asake. Kaichukwu a Christian is the minister in charge but he is disrespected by his Muslim Subordinate. They bring a Christian by name and put him there, but he does not even know what is really going on there. We are Nigerians. We have lived it; we are seeing it.

They called for a change in any school Curriculum that suggest teaching of Islamic studies.

They also demand more for more Christians in power


CAN leadership has also been accused of taking bribes & misappropriating funds.

Pastor Kallamu Musa Dikwa, who heads the Voice of Northern Christian Movement, alleged that CAN leadership headed by Ayo Oritsejafor received seven billion Naira bribe from president Good luck Jonathan on 21st of January 2015, and gave N3 million to each of its state chapters.

He asserted that it was not the first time CAN was getting money like that, recalling 2013 when it got funds from the United States Nigerian group, CANAAN. (Christian Association of Nigerian Americans).

They gave $50,000 to the victims of Boko Haram. After that, the CAN leader invited three people from Maiduguri and two from Damaturu and gave them N100,000 each. Pastor Dikwa alleged that the Boko Haram funds were misappropriated.

They are very involved in political discussions:

They have been very vocal in the recent agitations and calls to restructure the country, taking power from the federal government and moving it to the regions and states. They have the ears of the entire press and presidency

Sometimes, they also play nice.

  • CAN joined in prayers with Islamic, Christian and Traditional faiths in Oyo State. They declared a three-day fasting and prayers for the people of the state and Ibadan in particular over the face-off between the state governor, Senator Abiola Ajimobi and the Olubadan of Ibadanland, Oba Saliu Akanmu Adetunji.
  • The feud between the duo, according to them, if not urgently resolved, may degenerate into crisis of enormous proportion.

They also gave Buhari a warm welcome when he returned from his trip abroad a message the Presidency has described as Malam Garba Shehu, Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity to President Buhari, confirmed that the President received the goodwill message from CAN President, Rev. Samson Ayokunle.which he described as touching and thoughtful.

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