China releases a cartoon mocking the United States- tells the world to Shut up & wear a mask

There is a growing demand to hold China accountable for their response to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Many including The European union president, Australia Prime Minister, and the British government are calling for investigations.

 But as the voices grow louder, the Chinese CCP has released their propaganda team to social & mainstream media to clap back boldly and decisively.

The Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison called for an international investigation into the Virus, in response, the Chinese threatened economic sanctions and boycott of Australian goods (China is Australia’s biggest trading partner), they also insulted Australia calling them a gum stuck in China’s shoe.

Venezuelan  officials who referred to the pandemic as the Chinese virus got a response they least expected from the Chinese Embassy in Venezuela– they were told to shut up and wear a mask.

Everyone is getting a Jab from Chinese “Wolf warriors” but they saved the best for America- A short story tagged Once upon a virus-enjoy.

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